A Lesson on Running Into People You Know

Saw a girl that works where I do, not friends but see each other in the elevator. She looked tired and like she might be sick, no makeup when she’s usually all done up, so I did what I’d want someone I knew to do…walked right by and pretended I didn’t see her.

I didn’t want to be that one person she runs into at Walmart when she looks like shit. Do unto others and all that jazz.

What is Going on With Walmart.com Today?

I don’t often order stuff from Walmart.com, but today I was looking for something I need to get for going back to work, and Walmart actually had the lowest price. (Cheaper than Amazon?? I know right! I was shocked too. For once Prime didn’t save the day.)

I went to check out, only to get the following error message –


I got a giggle because the error popped up when I was trying to select a payment method. If Walmart is retiring having to pay for the items you order, I’ll be quite happy to play along. In the meantime, can we get this fixed please? 😉

The One Thing a Pregnant Woman Should Never Hear From Another Pregnant Woman

We were out running errands yesterday and stopped by Walmart to pick up some prints I had done at their photo center to frame and hang in the nursery. Got the pictures, which turned out way better than I expected, and picked up a couple of other odds and ends. The weather was great, we had no obligations and nowhere to be, and overall I was in a fantastic mood.

Until I got to the checkout line.

The cashier looks at me as people so often do these days(going on 8 months pregnant it can’t be avoided), and asks me how much longer I have.

“Oh good!” I think, “At least she’s not another of those telling me I must be due any day now”, which I get….a LOT.

So I tell her I have about 9-10 weeks left.

“Oh wow!” she says, “You are WAY bigger than me and I only have 6 weeks left!”. At which points she points to a belly the size of which I have not seen since mid-first trimester, and on most people looks like she just has a predilection for Oreos.

I get that every person and every pregnancy is different. I get that not every belly is the same size. What I don’t get is what pregnant woman says that to another?? Really??  It’s not enough being reminded on a daily basis how huge I am(thanks!), how there is NO way I am going to make it til August(I will), and how am I sure there’s not 2 in there??(3 ultrasounds say no.) But to hear that from someone who sure, surely should know better? I cussed and ranted all the way to the car, much to Paul’s amusement.

She may have a tiny belly, and probably will have a smaller baby, but I am wishing her some great big ginormous hemorrhoids to make up for it.