Some of My Favorite Post-Speech Tweets From Yesterday

Nothing brings out the funny like a big, controversial event, and President Obama’s back-to-school speech to America’s school children certainly fit the bill.  Weeks of doom and gloom predictions of brainwashing on what some called ‘Indoctrination Day’ turned out to be, as the saying goes, much ado about nothing, and those who’d known better all along had a great laugh.

Some of my very favorite Tweets about this during and after the speech:

Was that a subversive healthcare message in his “wash your hands” message? @FairlyOddMother

“All young people deserve a safe place to learn” = Commie speak for “no guns”. #tcotinterpretation @Glennia

I would have liked the president to have at least admited that wood shop is a waste of time in school and it is OK to skip that class. @Neilochka

I thought Obama was gonna talk about brain washing, not hand washing.@mamaspohr

Now that the speech is over, I’m contemplating what to do with my newly indoctrinated self.@natthedem

To all who kept your kid out of school today. They missed a good speech. And since they got to stay home, Obama is now their hero.@JDCrowetoons

the circuits are busy. trying to get through because the brainwashing didn’t work and i’d like to try again.@rockdrool

Glenn Beck is now playing Obama’s speech backwards to listen for the satanic message.@Fairlyoddmother

Fine. You kept your cross eyed kid home today. But keep him off the street. Dumbass is standing in traffic again. #tcot #ocra@politicalbaron