Nobody Reads Blogs Anymore.

“Share your story here” so prompts the text box in the WordPress app on my phone. The box that has been teasing and tormenting me for months, as I keep telling myself I need to get back to blogging, but then life gets in the way, and let’s face it, nobody reads blogs anymore.


Blogging used to be such a huge part of my life. It was how I told my stories, how I made my friends, and in general how I shared the joys and frustrations of marriage and parenthood and life as a whole, as twisty and ugly as that road sometimes got. I’ve never been afraid to lay it all out there.

Somewhere along the way, Facebook came in, and like a manipulative, selfish lover, she took over. The blogging community embraced her as a way to get our posts out there, an easy directory for those friends and family who would never use feed readers and such. Yet as time went on, it seemed so much easier to just start keeping those memories there, and skip the blog altogether. That’s where everyone was, so it just made sense. Our kids were getting older, our lives were getting more demanding, and our own sites were just one more demand to keep up with; one more monthly bill to pay.

Share your story here.

I woke up at 3:20am in excruciating, migraine-level pain. I have pneumonia, and it took me a few minutes to grasp that I wasn’t going to die of meningitis(my first thought upon waking), but rather that the coughing I have vague recollections of after going to bed were the cause of the misery I was in with my chest, neck and head. I got up, medicated, and sat in the dark to wait it out.

It’s as I sit here now, with the pain nearly subsided, that I realize how wrong I’ve been. My photos, my thoughts…all of it should have been here. I chose ease over ownership, and should Facebook die tomorrow (remember Myspace?) years of memories would be lost. Facebook gives us easy connections, but in the end she will eventually move on, and we will realize how much we invested and how little the return.

Share your story here.

I think it’s time to come back. I have so many wonderful photos and thoughts and memories of the last 5 years or so I don’t want to lose, and that should have been here, under my roof, all along. It’s time to bring it all back, so when Facebook eventually topples and the next big thing comes along, those pieces of me and mine aren’t lost.

Nobody reads blogs anymore, but that doesn’t really matter. It’s not the sharing of the history that is important, but the keeping of it. Our history is our own, and for the blogger, our site is home.

It’s time to go home. That is where our stories belong.

So Meta, But I Don’t Care…The Best Thing About Blogging

loveI was musing over my post yesterday about my 35th birthday, and I got the idea to read over old birthday posts I’ve written, and see how they were in my past life.

Paul was honestly surprised when I made the comment yesterday that it was the best birthday I’ve ever had, but I don’t think he understood that birthdays for me as an adult were practically a non-event. A search of the word ‘birthday’ on my blog pulled up only a few posts, and only one of them pertaining to a birthday of mine, which involved me making cupcakes with the kids for my own birthday, because I never really had the kind of cake I wanted (I always ended up with something everyone else ate). To be honest it kind of made me sad to read that post. No one should have to settle for someone else’s idea of birthday cake.

I was quickly cheered up however by the discovery of this old post where I talked about Damian’s reaction to his fourth birthday. It was a story I had completely forgotten about, probably because I was in the midst of my divorce at the time, and there was so much
negativity it was easy for the good stuff to get lost by the wayside.

But I blogged it, and so it is there. He will be 9 in January, and 5 years later I was able to go back and have a laugh and re-live the indignant righteousness of the 4 year old who thought I lied to him about his birthday gifts.

Thoughts and stories and little snippets of life fade from memory as time goes on, but being able to pull them back out like a photo album and revive those memories is absolutely priceless.