Brother in Law’s Obsession is Apparently Making Him Delusional

Boy oh boy, the shit just keeps getting deeper.

I wrote last week about getting a very nice email back from Mark’s work regarding the nasty messages he was leaving on my blog from their internet.

I thought for sure that would be the end of it.

A week later I get this comment…

“You ought to be careful, you don’t want to be charged with harassing him at work, and lose everything you own or might own. How did it go on your big day in court? Did you screw his brother too?”


Aside from using his signature ‘screwyou@’ email (this time spelled backwards for a little variety I suppose) his IP address traced right back to his neighborhood.

I couldn’t believe he would be stupid enough to pull this crap again. Why? What is the payoff for this? I emailed him with the copy of the comment and this-

So please explain to me Mark, what is the point of this crap? Why do you continue bothering me after you have been told repeatedly to stop, over a situation you have nothing to do with? Do you think doing stuff like this is going to help the ex in court, or are you just that desperate for the attention you get from being shown as the stalker you are on my website? This is what you call Christian behavior? Somehow I doubt God would approve. Sara

This is where it gets interesting. Or crazy. You decide. His reply-

DO NOT CONTACT ME ANYMORE. Not by email, not by phone, not through a family member, not through a fellow employee, not by mail, NOT BY ANY MEANS. If You contact me again, you had better hone your lawyering skills because I WILL get a restraining order, and if that does not stop you, I will drag your butt into court and sue you for harassment. Signed, MARK W. JXXXXXX

I’m sorry, did I miss something here?

So let me get this straight..The man with a documented history of contacting me (and other bloggers!) through my website, who I have had to report him to his job because of it, is now threatening to take me to court for ‘harassing’ him, because I responded when HE initiated contact?

Sounds like someone needs some serious help. And a meeting with one of those ‘lawyering’ people to explain to him what harassment exactly is, and why he needs to stop it before his ass gets thrown in jail.

Standing Up to the Harassment

I used to joke that the sign that you’d made it in blogging was when the anonymous emails started coming.

When you know who is sending them, it stops being a joke, and starts to get a little scary.

I received two emails today from the comment form on a new site I have in the works, Everyday Love Stories. For those that haven’t checked it out yet, the site showcases ‘How We Met’ type stories from the average couple. I built this site for a variety of reasons, but mostly because the stories are all beautiful to read, and who doesn’t need something to smile about? I certainly do!

So imagine my shock then I get two comments to be moderated from that site that are not only personal in nature, but quite nasty. It took me a minute to look at the name and realize the ex’s brother had struck again, despite previous emails saying he would not be contacting me any more.

(Click on the images to see them full size)



I did an IP trace, which brought up this-

eadsip copy

Company name is blacked out, but the comments have now been traced back to where Mark works.

Clearly he missed the day in Stalker School where they discussed not doing this shit on company time.

I have for the most part previously ignored these messages from him, but I decided after him saying it would stop that this needed to be addressed immediately, and sent him this, which I also copied to the ex, his parents, and Mark’s wife(who for the record is a VERY nice woman and I am certain had no idea he was sending them, likely his parent’s didn’t either)-

I was told back in December these nasty, semi-anonymous emails that I had been getting for a nearly a year would stop. the ex has said he would talk to him, and Mark himself said it would stop. I just received two more today, so clearly that has not happened.

Mark, I have no idea what your obsession with me is about, but it needs to end, NOW. Your IP traced back to (company name removed) here in Mobile, and I have the screenshots to prove it.

I have no choice at that point but to contact your employer and ask they they step in, since this is being done on their time and their internet connection.

If there are any more incidents I will be forced to pursue criminal harassment charges.

I hope for the sake of your own well being you realize you have a serious problem and get some help for it. This divorce was filed 18 months ago and I am doing my best to move on with my own life. I wish you would too.

Stalking people this way is NOT healthy.

I then sent this to the company he works for. What, you thought it was an idle threat?

I am currently having a problem with one of your (company name removed) employees sending me nasty and harassing emails from your intranet. The two I received this morning came in at 9:26am and 9:27am as comments through a website form on one of the sites I run.

I am enclosing screenshots from the two emails, as well as a screenshot from the IP lookup which links that IP address to your company.
The person sending them is Mark (middle and last names removed), he is an employee of (company name removed) here in Mobile, AL and serves as the (long boring job title removed). I am currently going through a difficult custody battle with his brother, which is I suspect why he keeps sending these messages. I have previously attempted to address this matter with him when the messages were coming from his home internet, and he admitted to sending them, and claimed it would cease.

Clearly it did not stop, and it is now happening on your company time and via your internet.

I am copying Mr. (last name) in on this email so he is fully aware it has been brought to your attention.

I would like someone to please contact me and let me know when and how the company plans to deal with this, because I plan to pursue criminal harassment charges against him if there are any more incidents, and if the incidents continue to occur from the (company name removed) network, (company name removed) will then become involved as well.

If any further information is needed such as copies of the actual emails or the website used to trace the IP I will be more than happy to provide them.

Thank you so much in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Sara (full contact info)

I almost hated doing it, but this clearly isn’t going to stop unless I do something. I have sat back and taken all the mud that has been slung at me, feeling like I deserved it, because let’s face it, I did have an affair. I have never tried to play that down, or act like it didn’t happen.

I do however believe that after a solid 18 months of harassment, I have served my time. I have had to put up the written and verbal barrage of sheer shit that I have gotten from both the ex and Mark, and quite frankly I’m fucking DONE with it.

At some point they both need to get over it, grow up and move on.

I’m not taking this lying down any more.