That Time We Borrowed a Canadian and Nearly Kept Her

Such a fantastic time the last few days!! Thank you so much Wade for letting us borrow Kristina!! 14 years of friendship without so much as a single phone call, and all we had to do was see each other across the airport and it was like we’d always been together. A huge thanks to Paul for pushing me to make it happen 

Also much love and appreciation to Emily and Stephen for helping to make her last night here such a hoot!

Finally, a HUGE thanks to Sherri and Daniel for not only bringing the fun to last night’s shenanigans, but also sacrificing sleep this morning so the littles would be in good hands while we trekked to the NOLA airport and back. So tired I could fall over, but my heart is so full of love this morning, you guys are all amazing. (And I have a feeling I’ll be Canada-bound next year!) 

Why Should I Censor Myself Because You Suck as a Parent?

I received a message on a social media site recently asking that I tone down the language on my blog. Seems she feels what I write is not fit for young eyes.

Hey please watch the profanity i have young kids in my family that are on facebook and are on my page and i dislike being chewed out by there mothers and fathers for profanity on my page.

thanks for understanding,

First I started to laugh. I have NEVER claimed what I write is child-friendly. Given the number of times a day I use the word ‘fuck’ on Twitter alone, I think it’s pretty clear I will never hit less than an ‘R’ rating. My humor is for adults, not children, clearly.

As the laughter died down, it occurred to me to ask her what age are we talking about here? I fired back a message asking what age these kids on Facebook are exactly.

“7 and younger” is what she tells me.

Say whaaaaaaaattt?

Last I checked, Facebook quite clearly states in their terms of service that no one under the age of 13 may use Facebook. (When I asked why these 7 year old children were allowed on the site against the TOS, she promptly removed me from her friends list.) Now she wasn’t overly clear on whether these kids were being allowed to register and participate on Facebook, or whether they are just looking over other people’s shoulders, but either way, I’m not seeing where this is my problem exactly.

Keep in mind, I am a parent myself. I have three kids, the oldest of which is a daughter, now 11. A daughter who is not allowed on any social networking sites. A daughter who has never been allowed to hang over my shoulder and read the sites that I am on, because she is a child.

As a parent, it is your job to keep your children from reading adult content on the internet.

As a parent, it is your job to not visit sites containing said adult content if you cannot keep those children from hanging over your shoulder and reading.

As a writer, it is not my job to censor myself so you don’t have to do your job (see above).

Seriously people..grow the fuck up and parent your kids, and quit expecting everyone on the internet to change their way of doing things just so you don’t have to.