Am I The Only One That Loves Candy Corn?

True confession- I am a candy corn addict.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year not for the costumes, or the tons of chocolate that find their way into my kids bags, and ultimately into my own stash somewhere.

It’s the candy corn. Nothing but chewy sugar, and probably not on the Who’s Who of Halloween Candy list, but still the stuff I crave all year long, and steal out of the kids’ bags as I pretend to sort through looking for urban legend’ish razor blades and poisoned candy I’d never be able to see, but look anyway for the sake of good parenting.

This stuff is apparently so vile it gets its own song, which I hear quite frequently on Noggin these days.



So tell me friends, are you a candy corn addict too, or are you a hater of the tri-colored confections?