10 Years???

10 years ago today some random living in Denmark called me out in a blog post over some stupid internet drama. I thought he was pompous and annoying, and gave him the politest ‘fuck you’ reply I could think of, never expecting(or wanting) to see his name again.

As I write this we are close to celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary, and I thank the universe every day I get to wake up next to him 

Thank you Paul O’Flaherty for more than I could ever put into words. 

Update on the Ex Brother-In-Law Drama..Errr..Situation

Short and sweet, finally heard back from the people at the ex’s brother’s work where I had to report him for harassing me through my blog on company time.

Hello Sara,

I would like to follow up with you regarding your email dated September 16, 2009, in which you complained about receiving unwelcome messages from one of our employees who was using our IT system. We do appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention and allowing us the opportunity to address them.

We discussed this matter with Mark ******* and made it clear to him that he is not to use our computer system or internet connection for personal communications, including blog or website postings. We believe that should prevent a recurrence. I do ask that you let me know if you receive any further communications from our IP address or from our IT system.

Thank you again for your email.

With best regards,

M****** *****
Office, HR Manager

I sent them an email back thanking them for their help in all of this. Despite what he and my ex seem to think, just because a blog is readable by anyone, does NOT give you the right to send verbally abusive messages to the site owner just because you get a bug up your ass.