I wrote the story myself. It’s all about a girl who lost her reputation but never missed it. ~Mae West

Once upon a time I was a semi-popular mommy-blogger living in an upper middle class neighborhood in sunny South Alabama. In what some probably call the ultimate mid-life crisis, I woke up from the Stepford nightmare, fell in love with an Irish guy, filed for divorce, and shortly thereafter became one of the only people to ever be kicked off the PTA board.

Fell from grace? Hell no, I swan-dived.

It took 2 years that would break most people for me to find my strength. In that time I co-organized the first Barcamp Mobile, and after the successful 2009 inaugural event, I vowed to bring it back again in 2010. (Glutton for punishment? Absolutely, but my obsession with technology made it just too hard to resist.) A few months later Paul and I founded the sometimes-offensive-but-always-funny humor site, Urly Bits. The religious humor site Unfollowing Jesus quickly followed, and we are currently working on bringing to life IsViral and Utterly Cute.

These days my life is a lot less crazy, though never dull. In June 2010 I got married in the wedding that everyone from CNET to Urlesque talked about. (Haven’t seen it? Check it out!) When I’m not at work for a local software company, I enjoy reading, blogging, and getting together with friends from the #mobilealtweetup group.