Last Potty Update

Last potty update… Scarlett is now wearing underwear to daycare every day and has been accident-free, including nap time since she started last week. She is wearing a pull-up to bed and waking up dry about 60% of the time, that’s just a time/development thing so I’m good with that.

I ordered a potty seat ring to put over the toilet, and we set that up tonight and she is now using the regular toilet instead of the small potty. She loves to flush the toilet, so she was fine starting to use that right away.



This was kind of a big deal, because it meant tonight for the first time in 2 years we got to put away the toddler potty we’ve kept in the kitchen, and we can finally get rid of it. No more toddler potty, no more babies to potty train.

She is such a big girl, and I continue to be amazed at how quickly and consistently she did it. Given how long Mal took, I think we we’re owed this one!

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