That Time We Borrowed a Canadian and Nearly Kept Her

Such a fantastic time the last few days!! Thank you so much Wade for letting us borrow Kristina!! 14 years of friendship without so much as a single phone call, and all we had to do was see each other across the airport and it was like we’d always been together. A huge thanks to Paul for pushing me to make it happen 

Also much love and appreciation to Emily and Stephen for helping to make her last night here such a hoot!

Finally, a HUGE thanks to Sherri and Daniel for not only bringing the fun to last night’s shenanigans, but also sacrificing sleep this morning so the littles would be in good hands while we trekked to the NOLA airport and back. So tired I could fall over, but my heart is so full of love this morning, you guys are all amazing. (And I have a feeling I’ll be Canada-bound next year!) 

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