3-D Ultrasound Pics Are the Coolest Thing Ever (Alternate Title – This Kid Has Already Proven to Be an O’Flaherty)

Paul and I went with our friends Daniel and Sherri this past Saturday and had our elective 3-D ultrasound in Pensacola. We were all super-excited to see the little one again, and I was hoping we’d be able to get some good pictures, as Malcolm has been pretty non-cooperative with getting any kind of good face or profile pics during other ultrasounds. My grandparents met us there as well, and my grandfather was thoroughly fascinated with the whole thing.

Why I expected our child to be anything but a character I’m not sure, but he once again started out by being turned around the wrong way and completely covering his face with his hands. The technician had me lay on my side, and she jiggled my belly a bit to try to get him to turn. Eventually he did, but not before letting us know *exactly* what he thought of this whole picture-taking mess.



I can only guess we disturbed his sleep, because he did a lot of yawning(which we got on video) and rubbing his eyes.



I think my favorite of the bunch was where he finally woke up and appeared to be trying to eat his toes.


The rest were just some really cool face shots, and you can pretty well see how much he already looks like Paul. His nose and mouth for sure!






We got a good few more (around 25 total I think) but those are my favorites of the bunch. He’ll be here 6 weeks from today and I can’t wait to see what he looks like in person!

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