He Ate the Whole Thing!

Paul and I met up with the local Twitter contingency this weekend for the monthly Mobile, AL Tweetup (#mobilealtweetup). Aside from the usual suspects, we had a couple of people who hadn’t been able to make one in awhile, so we were thrilled to get to see them again(yes Alli and Hope, I mean you!). The restaurant we went to was pretty tiny, so even though there wasn’t a lot of us, we kind of took over the place.

The Hungry Owl turned out to have some pretty amazing food, I can’t believe I’d never been there before! I had the asian style tuna, and Paul had the Ultimate Tony Burger, which turned out to be the most massive burger I’ve ever seen. Seriously, this thing puts 5 Guys to shame! I don’t remember what all was on it, but I know there was sausage, 2 hamburger patties, and a fried egg involved. I had a bite, and I’m convinced the fried egg is the best thing to ever happen to a burger since..well, anything. Ever. The biggest surprise was that not only did Paul eat the whole thing, he said he could have quite easily downed a 2nd one. I don’t call him the human garbage disposal for nothing!

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