Another Blog Facelift, and a Very Slutty Pair of Shoes

As much as I love a new blog theme, I admit to really disliking when the need to change is because the old one decides to out of absolutely nowhere develop a rather stunning case of digital vertigo and start puking blog parts all over the page. Call me crazy, but I prefer my elements stay where I left them, thank you very much.

Finding a theme is one of the most pain-in-the-ass parts of putting together a site, and Paul can be a bit picky about what themes we use, due to how often WordPress makes major changes, and how slow designers can be to update and accommodate those changes.  I understand why he wants them to have been updated since the last major release, but it can lead to me calling him a lot of not so nice things under my breath as I bang my head against the desktop trying to sift through the few that might make the cut.

In other news we’ve started trying to get a little healthier here in Casa O’Flaherty. I am going low-carb, and Paul is grudgingly going along with it to support my efforts. It’s forcing us to really look at what we consider ‘normal’ eating, which tended to include a fair amount of processed stuff with long ingredient lists. We weren’t terrible about it, but who could blame us for having a hard time resisting the call of a loaded-down pizza and a loaf of garlic bread alongside it? As it is we are getting a bit closer to basics these days with the meats and vegetables, and we are getting into the habit of going for a good long walk at night as well. I say walk, but we are working on getting me up to jogging, another one of those things that I know he’s right about, but doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.(Crap, did I just admit in writing that he was right about something? Erase! Erase!) I didn’t realize how out of shape I am until we started trying to run. Ouch!

Here’s my latest addition to the hooker-heel stiletto collection. I needed something lighter for summer, and I figured these would go with just about anything.

slutty shoes

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