So Much Going On, And So Much to Look Forward To!

Sunday was work. Non-stop, gotta get it done, by-gosh-I’m going-to-finish-this-or-die-trying work.

When I decide to get something done, I don’t let it go till I get it done. Luckily Paul is the same way.

Thanks to a long weekend broken up only by a great evening with friends on Saturday, we have some pretty exciting stuff going on.

First and foremost, Paul has finished the re-design on DailyShite. Have you seen it yet? Go look! We are loving the cleaner lines and smoother feel of it all.

Second, we are bringing on new authors! Have you ever thought about writing for us? Now’s your chance!

Finally…we have a date for Barcamp Mobile 2011!!!  The work on it is really just beginning, but it feels good to have something solid on that one. I was devastated when I realized Barcamp Mobile 2010 wasn’t going to happen, but between the wedding and being knocked on my ass for two months with whooping cough, it just was not meant to be. I’m looking forward to getting this show on the road!

Just for giggles, my favorite pic of Paul right now, taken at the midnight launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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