What Do Your PR Offerings Say About You?

Although I rarely do reviews here, I like getting PR pitches for the same reason I’ve always like mystery gifts and grab bags- like the proverbial box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

When most of my blogging was about my kids, I got a lot of offers for toys, kids dvds and the like. It made sense, because I fit into their demographic. They saw me as The Mommy.

What does it say about me when the offerings of the day are SPAM recipes and a book on menopause?

I feel like I just got the world’s worst fortune cookie- ‘You are old and have crappy taste in food! SPAM for you!’.

6 thoughts on “What Do Your PR Offerings Say About You?

  1. LOL..Oh no, you too??

    I really feel for the poor reps who have to come up with these emails. There really is just no way to use the words ‘spam’ and ‘delicious’ in the same sentence with a straight face.


  2. I agree with “This belle rocks” I get to wondering if anyone is reading my stuff if I don’t get a pitch for a while. Since I changed my design I can’t click on my own titles so I’m afraid readers don’t realize they can just click on comments and actually comment.

    I know what you mean about some of the products though, they sure can range and sometimes they make you wonder exactly why they are sending them to you specifically or if you are on some list that they send everyone the same thing. I’d love to know how they pick people.


  3. I LOVE SPAM MUSUBI! lol. I avoided it for 8/9 days in Hawaii and finally tried some about 3 hours before heading home, and my boyfriend and I have cooked it about 3 times since we got back. I know how you feel though, about spammy PR pitches. You should see my inbox. Actually, you definitely should not.


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