I Need Some Ideas!

I probably should have posted about this days ago, but it’s one of those times where I keep thinking I’m going to wake up, and if I told anyone all the good stuff would go away, so I’ve just kept mum.

Our humor site, Daily Shite, has started to take off. I don’t want to get into exact numbers, but let’s just say our crazy dream for getting over 100k hits in a month has already been far passed. For the month of February. Yes, today is only the 5th.

See why I’ve been afraid of jinxing things?

Anyhow, we are starting to look into trying to promote the site a bit more, and we’ve decided running a sponsored contest would fit the bill. Only, we aren’t really sure how to go about it.

In the past, PR people have approached me about doing it on my own blog, but Daily Shite is still pretty new, so we aren’t at that point yet. I don’t mind approaching companies for potential sponsorship, but the question is who?

Assuming it was something easy, like join our Facebook page, what could a site offer that would tempt you to enter to win? What would you like to see offered as a prize?

I know some of you have done a lot of these on your own sites, so any advice would be much appreciated!

(And have I mentioned you really should join our Facebook page?)

4 thoughts on “I Need Some Ideas!

  1. You could pretty much give away anything and it will get you more hits and help promote the site, as long as you make sure you add the contest to one of those databases. I used onlinesweepstakes I think, since it was free. People just like to win free stuff. What would I like to win? A flat screen TV! LOL. I need one. But I’d be thrilled to win even a decent DVD box set or XBOX game for Jake. Just ask around, talk to different companies, especially the smaller ones that also need promotion. Think about your target audience too. If you want to draw more parents, go for something for their kids. If men are your target demographic, give away porn! Yes, I’m stereotyping, but it’s all in good fun.


  2. Whatever the prize is, don’t make it a contest where you have to text in your entry; I won’t enter those, and don’t know anyone else who will either, because of the premium phone numbers scams. People are afraid of being hooked into a series of texts and returns that cost €2 each.

    Otherwise, excellent advice from Nikki.

    A fortnight ago I would have said “Get hold of a Prius – best prize ever”. Oh dear.


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