The Ex’s Brother Strikes Again

This seems to be in response to my last post, and while I generally try not to feed nasty, overweight trolls, I decided a little amusement was in order for an otherwise busy Saturday morning. Be glad you don’t have this particular brand of crazy in YOUR family.troll

The email address is obviously fake, but the IP is not. ‘Ybil’ obviously standing for ‘your brother in law’, and I REALLY wish he’d quit referring to himself as that, because I certainly don’t claim him.

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“They need you to be their mother, to be strong and to spend your energy on loving them…” I could not agree more. This is 100% right. But she is focused on being greedy and more worried about material things than seeing and spending time with her children.

(Sara’s note here- I was supposed to see my kids this weekend but my ex decided I was not ALLOWED to have them this weekend as planned because I refused to agree to a ‘permanent’ change of visitation schedule when we are waiting to get orders from the judge on this literally any day now.  I’m not stupid, I do what the judge tells me, not my ex, and when I refused to agree to it he said I am not allowed to take the kids this weekend.)

“…instead of wasting it on pleasing someone who is impossible to make happy and being a slave.” What the heck are you going on about? Who do you think she is trying to please that is impossible, herself? “A slave,” who the heck is she a slave too, her own selfish, misguided hatefulness?

I guess you and her both think that you can do mean, hateful crap to people and they are supposed to just take it, accept it, and be just as nice and amiable in return. The two of you cannot get the support you need from what family and friends you have left, so you turn to these blogs to try and muster support for the mean, hateful crap you have done, and have the nerve to call it “growing.” What amazes me even more is that there are folks out there that buy your crap. But there is a common denominator in those that agree with you; it appears that most of them have done the same evil crap you two have done.

How long were you married? She has been married twice and now divorced twice. It will be interesting to see which one of you cheats on the other first. Good luck with that, you two deserve each other. Let us see if this post sees the light of day, and if it does how you will spin it.

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9 thoughts on “The Ex’s Brother Strikes Again

  1. Remember that thread about harassment, “lawyering skills”, and who should call the cops on who?

    I’m telling ya. Call the cops. You’ve got the evidence to prove that he’s been harassing you. It’s both Harassment by Communications AND Cyber Stalking. For your sake, and for your children’s sake, end it now. Cyber stalking is a crime in forty-six states now (google “cyber stalking law”). Use it for your own protection.


  2. So, I cannot help but giggle in all of this a little.
    What is amazing to me, is that through all of his little five year old child rants, he never seems to take responsibility for his actions, or the actions of his brother.
    I have not been in any of the same situations you have, but I have been there firsthand. I saw the way your childhood played out, how your first marriage played out, and now how this one did. I saw your overweight troll of an ex treat you like a child, yelling and chastising you for not having the house clean enough, or losing the camera at Sea World. I have seen the way he treats you, heard the way he talked to you, and watched the way you would cower in the corner trying to figure out how to make him happy.
    I have always said that the ex has women issues, and cannot handle things he cant control. Soon will come the day when your daughter will hit her rebellious teen years and become uncontrollable. I worry that he will grant her with the same treatment he gave you.
    Believe me, children are smarter and more perceptive than adults ever give them credit for. As they get older, it will be obvious whose actions were made for the betterment of the children.
    As far as Your EX bro-in-law, he should start looking in his own actions, and the actions of his brother before he takes the holier than though stance and tells you how terrible you have been.
    Like Bob Marley said ” I know I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.”


    1. Clean hands? Mark? Not a chance. He treats his wife far worse than the ex did to me. the ex at least just ignored me for the most part, I can’t tell you how many awkward moments there have been at family dinners when Mark would get snipey at his wife for no reason whatsoever, right in front of everyone. I always felt for her, she’s a very nice woman who deserves far better than him.


  3. Ugh. So what if other people have done the same things? No one enjoys being put down, made fearful, and having their self-worth destroyed in general.

    I haven’t done any of the same things, either, and in fact, have had them done TO ME. Still doesn’t change the fact that people sympathize with you or the fact that what’s done is done. Really. It’s over. What are the ex and ex bil thinking will come of any of this?


  4. This has gone on too long. You need to do something. You have all the evidence available to get at least a restraining order against him. It’s the same as if he was calling you or showing up at your door. He thinks b/c he’s on a keyboard he’s safe. He thinks he’s helping his brother but he’s hurting him, and his niece and nephews. They are the only thing that matters. Remember that. Keep them safe by taking care of this.


    1. You make a good point, Wigen. The more I learn of this guy, the more I worry that he would lash out at the kids, too. Who’s to say he won’t speak to the children about their mother this way? This guy needs to be turned in.


  5. So apparently the crazies run in THAT family.

    Hey Fuckwad Ex-BIL,

    Don’t you have anything better to do? Doesn’t your brother have the balls to fight his own battles? Or did he elect YOU to stalk Sara online and waste the time attempting to slander to her to the LAST group of people on the interwebs that would ever give a shit about what you think?

    Maybe if the dumbass ex would drop the childish vindictive bullshit and quit trying to set up these no-win situations where Sara is ALWAYS going to be wrong no matter what she does, you could ALL get on your lives and let her get on with hers.



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