More Google Wave Invites!

Short and sweet- I have 11 more Google Wave invites to pass out, and no one to give them to! You know the drill, leave a comment and Monday night I will pick 11 random winners from the comments.

Been living under a rock and are not sure what Wave is? Check this out.

47 thoughts on “More Google Wave Invites!

  1. helpful info! and creatively displayed! looking forward to eventually getting my hands on google wave and playing around with it.


  2. Thanks for appeasing my curiosity! I am too late for an invite, but I'm not sure I'd have a use for it. It's so cool, though….just about every email list I've ever belonged to could have certainly used something like this to help control volume and confusion!


  3. OOO OOO OOO! Me please! I'm a work from home Graphic Designer and this would help make the flurry of emails with clients waaaaayyyy easier!

    I'm not above grovelling…



  4. Would love a Google wave invite please.
    Being an admin of a forum with 25,000+ members would be useful to chat with them in real time.
    Come see my place listed above.


  5. I’d luv to try out google wave too
    i’ve only been reading about it almost forever now…
    so I really want to try it to see if it is what everyone says it is


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