Brother in Law’s Obsession is Apparently Making Him Delusional

Boy oh boy, the shit just keeps getting deeper.

I wrote last week about getting a very nice email back from Mark’s work regarding the nasty messages he was leaving on my blog from their internet.

I thought for sure that would be the end of it.

A week later I get this comment…

“You ought to be careful, you don’t want to be charged with harassing him at work, and lose everything you own or might own. How did it go on your big day in court? Did you screw his brother too?”


Aside from using his signature ‘screwyou@’ email (this time spelled backwards for a little variety I suppose) his IP address traced right back to his neighborhood.

I couldn’t believe he would be stupid enough to pull this crap again. Why? What is the payoff for this? I emailed him with the copy of the comment and this-

So please explain to me Mark, what is the point of this crap? Why do you continue bothering me after you have been told repeatedly to stop, over a situation you have nothing to do with? Do you think doing stuff like this is going to help the ex in court, or are you just that desperate for the attention you get from being shown as the stalker you are on my website? This is what you call Christian behavior? Somehow I doubt God would approve. Sara

This is where it gets interesting. Or crazy. You decide. His reply-

DO NOT CONTACT ME ANYMORE. Not by email, not by phone, not through a family member, not through a fellow employee, not by mail, NOT BY ANY MEANS. If You contact me again, you had better hone your lawyering skills because I WILL get a restraining order, and if that does not stop you, I will drag your butt into court and sue you for harassment. Signed, MARK W. JXXXXXX

I’m sorry, did I miss something here?

So let me get this straight..The man with a documented history of contacting me (and other bloggers!) through my website, who I have had to report him to his job because of it, is now threatening to take me to court for ‘harassing’ him, because I responded when HE initiated contact?

Sounds like someone needs some serious help. And a meeting with one of those ‘lawyering’ people to explain to him what harassment exactly is, and why he needs to stop it before his ass gets thrown in jail.

7 thoughts on “Brother in Law’s Obsession is Apparently Making Him Delusional

  1. I don't usually like to resort to ad-hominem attacks on anyone, but it's clear that Mark is marginally retarded… and I'd LOVE to have a moron email me at – because what he's doing indicates that he's heading down a very dangerous mental path that leads to physical contact with the harassed. The indicators are there, including risking his job in order to continue this behavior. He needs medication, counseling, and possibly time in a hospital that specializes in his kind of problem – before his actions cost him everything he has. That kind of hate will end his own marriage.


  2. I'm sure your lawyer knows about this, but do the police? Even if you aren't ready to file a formal complaint or ask for a restraining order or anything, it might well be time to contact them and lay the groundwork for one. You've got all the records you need. As thepriss said, above, he's heading down the path.


  3. Now that he's pretty much sent you an informal 'cease and desist' type of email, the next time you get something that traces back to HIM, take it to the police. Unfortunately, once he's asked you to stop contacting him, he's within his rights to have you arrested for 'harassment by communication', whether or not he started it. So, turn the tables back on him. Next time he sends you anything, just remember YOU ALSO HAVE THAT RIGHT. Take it to the cops and see who needs 'lawyering skills' then. You don't have to put up with his crap anymore. You've got enough evidence to have him arrested if he does it again. I hope he realizes this, because it's his butt that's going to slip up and get in trouble with the law.


  4. I mean this in a very serious way Sara.
    Get a restraining order and get it now. Get cameras installed where they cannot be removed and document, document document. I am actually sitting here as a woman who has been in abusive relationships telling you that he is sick and needs help. File for a restraining order, do not pass go, go straight down to where ever you need to go and do it now. He IS harassing you and you have rights. This is beyond stalker-ish and THIS IS STALKING. Your court case with your ex will probably NOT address the stuff Mark is doing, you must file separate. The court in all likelihood will not hold the ex accountable for the crap Mark is pulling. I do not want to read about something happening to you on the evening news. He needs help, but until then protect yourself, seriously. Best to you in this mess.


  5. Wow, what a creation of life. I think I would turn the tables in a different way. I think I'd find ways – anything at all – of being grateful for these crazy emails, even if it has to start with being grateful he'll no longer be your brother-in-law. Just find ways to be thankful and when you're thankful for a situation, it can't hurt you. It's funny how gratitude can transform a situation – I've seen it lots of times in my own life. And then, instead of contacting back and investing time in tracking ISPs down to the neighborhood it's located, I'd spend time doing something that made me happy.


  6. How old are you? Why are you even responding to him? A real grown up would know how to ignore it but then again you've proven yourself to have less maturity than a 4 year old. I can't believe the behavior coming from a "mother" and I stand firmly on team the ex even though I've never met him. You've proven yourself classless and without any standards or morals by which to conduct yourself. Grow up Sara, really. When are you going to realize that all of this behavior jeopardizes any chance of having a real relationship with your children again? Which do you want more? To mother your children or fight with your husband and his family? Never mind, don't answer. You've already made it abundantly clear. You are pathetic and repulsive.


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