Monday Morning Smiles

With all the divorce crap going on on my blog lately, I figured it’s time to switch gears a bit and share some things that have made me smile recently. Hopefully they’ll brighten your own Monday morning a bit as well 🙂


JetBlue airline recently launched an ‘All You Can Jet’ pass giving customers the opportunity for unlimited travel to any JetBlue destination for a month for only $599. Not useful for me, but very useful for those who were able to take advantage of such an unheard-of deal.

Why does this make me smile? JetBlue’s twitter crew started retweeting links to blogs people have set up to chronicle their month-long travel adventures. Just some of the examples-

The two friends traveling for 31 days, spending only 12 hours in each city.

The couple traveling for new culinary adventures.

The girl doing an 8 city photo-journey.

The lawyer meeting online friends in 11 cities in 23 days(and job-hunting).

The baseball tour- 13 games in 10 stadiums.

Everyday Love Stories

This site has been so much fun to work on, and I had a new story go up today of a man who met and married his wife within 5 weeks, and the two have have been married for 26 years.

There will be a couple more great ones going up this week, so be sure to subscribe in your feed reader, or follow Everyday Love Stories on Twitter.


This has been a great weekend for posts on DailyShite, but my favorite by far was this morning’s post with the baby laughing hysterically at his own reflection. No way you can watch that one without breaking into a grin!

So what has made you smile on this rainy Monday morning? 😀

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