In Which My Ex Shows His True Colors, And I Get a Laugh

I swear the divorce drama never ends. The minute I think things will calm down, and he’s finally acting like a human being again, the ex throws me a curve ball.

This past weekend was supposed to be my weekend with the kids. Still under supervised visitation, my friend Ashley came and spent the day with us Saturday. Ashley has an adorable 2 year old daughter named Alexis that Damian took quite a liking to, and a good time was had by all. I hadn’t been able to get someone for Sunday, so Ashley, bless this woman, volunteered to spend the day with us Sunday as well. (Have I mentioned I have amazingly wonderful friends? I do, and they have seriously been awesome through all of this.)

Sunday morning I am getting ready for Ashley to get here, and during this am back and forth over email with the ex about my pet rats. He freaked out when I got them, threatening to deny my visitation with the kids, because he seems to think domestic rats who have spent their entire lives indoor in a cage are the same danger to people as wild rats. Umm, yeah, that’s why they sell them in pet stores, because they are so dangerous, right? Whatever dude. Anyhow, we are back and forth over it, and he is once again telling me he will refuse to let me have the kids if the rat cage is in any room the kids have access to. (He insists the rats need to be taken to a vet and certified disease-free, but refuses to pay for said unnecessary vet visits. Maybe I would have the $300 to do that if he’d pony up the $700 in car repairs he owes me among other things…) Total control issue, and I just wasn’t in the mood for his games.

It was at the end of this back and forth email exchange I looked up and realized it was getting close to 8am and Ashley hadn’t gotten there yet. Damnit! I went to get my phone out of the bedroom and saw she had texted me saying she’d picked up her daughter from her mom’s and the poor thing was sick, apparently puking everywhere. She wouldn’t be able to make it.


I was pretty upset at not being able to see my own kids, but hers was sick, and I understood. I called and explained to the kids what was going on.

Not content to accept the fact that this was out of my control, the ex once again he had to try to find SOME way to make me look bad. After all, I suggested he bring the kids over himself so I could see them and that was shot down. But if he let everyone know that, there’s the slightest chance he might look like an asshole for not putting the kids first.

So what does he do?

He actually came over to the house, by himself, and after seeing a bunch of paper cups/plates/napkins in the corner of the kitchen, declares that I am having people over, and that’s why I gave up seeing the kids that day. (And I know damn well he went back and told his family this.) Oh, and apparently took pictures of the stuff, for ‘proof’.

Little problem with this theory? The paper products had been in that same corner of the kitchen since August 21st. How do I know the date? I had them out for a get-together I had with friends here that night.

A get-together where, naturally, there were pictures taken.


(Click on the picture to see the full-sized version.)

It wouldn’t be so bad if he hadn’t been to the house probably 4 times since then, and was well aware the stuff has been sitting there the whole time. No, he didn’t want to look bad, so why let a little thing like the truth stop him? Too bad I had this and other dated pictures of the stuff sitting in the corner after that to show just how much of a liar he is.

That would have been funny enough on it’s own. The best part is when fate decided to step in.

That stomach bug that Alexis had that the ex is trying to claim I made up?

Damian went home from school sick with it today.


Guess I wasn’t making it up after all huh?

7 thoughts on “In Which My Ex Shows His True Colors, And I Get a Laugh

  1. I wish I could say Im shocked & amazed by this type of behavior, but really, most men are complete assholes who specializing in deuchebagery. I am sorry Sara, that you have to experience this.


  2. My ex-husband is a total douchebag as well. Only he hasn't really spent any time with my daughter in over 12 years. She starts high school tomorrow and I just keep thinking that its his loss. How do we manage to find these idiots? Keep your spirits up…::hugs::


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