How Paul’s Geekiness Got Daily Shite a Brush With Fame

Funny little story, especially for the stat-addicted among us.

So as I’m sure my Twitter friends already know, that root canal I was scheduled for on August 13 got changed to ohhh, this past Tuesday. After 3 days on the antibiotics(and 2 days worth of pain meds that I very smartly halved when I could) I was still in excruciating, can’t eat, just put a fucking gun to my head and make it go away tooth pain. They called me in a day’s worth of pain meds on Monday since the dentist was out, and said come in first thing Tuesday morning. I go in Tuesday morning thinking they are going to look at it and give me a stronger antibiotic, and instead they immediately start prepping me for a root canal. I know the technical definition of a shocker is when someone decides to give it to you up the duff without telling you first, but let me say being told you are about to have a root canal in five minutes is probably about the same, and with the same lack of lube. Fun day I tell ya.

Anyhow, I spent the next couple days in an off and on haze of pain, because bless his heart, my dentist who is perfectly ok prescribing Codeine for an infected tooth feels when they actually do surgery to kill the tooth and tear up your gums and bruise your cheeks in the process, good old Motrin will do the trick. Even off the painkillers I still can’t figure that bit of logic out.

Despite my crankiness and all, Paul hung out with me on Skype, reminding me when it was time for my meds and tried to keep me distracted so I wouldn’t think too much about the pain. I maybe probably was not the best company, but he hung in there like a trooper.

During this time we did our usual posting/upkeep/general bullshit on our pet project, Daily Shite. This site has really been fun for us because of the nature of the content, but it’s also been fun watching and trying to predict what will be the next ‘big hit’ so to speak. It’s nearly impossible to tell what will go viral, but it’s fun trying. Normally we keep an eye on our stats, and try to take note of the sort of posts that get more traffic than others. (What have we learned? It’s completely fucking random.)

Naturally with the unexpected buggering surgery we weren’t at the top of our game, and it was more of a ‘just get stuff up on schedule’ kind of week. While Paul and I don’t run our posts by each other normally unless we feel the content is questionable, we do usually share before posting if it’s particularly good. One of the ones he showed me over the weekend before my surgery I remember being kind of “Meh” about, and truthfully just completely brushed it off. It was pretty geeky IMO, and I didn’t see the appeal. That post went up on the Sunday.

A few days later Paul asks me have I looked at the stats? At this point I was post-root canal, and quite frankly the last thing on my mind was website traffic. He hadn’t been checking either, and needless to say we were both surprised to see we had had a huge leap in traffic, the kind not seen since we got hold of the then un-released copy of the Alice in Wonderland trailer.  As in several thousand hits a day. For our little fledgling site, that’s a damn good day, but what had happened?

Paul’s geekiness had paid off, and the Power of the Pentatonic Scale video had been picked up by the music lovers among us, and gone viral. Our stats page showed inbound traffic from a couple of music-based message boards, a lot of Facebook sharing, a Reddit channel for music industry people, and over 400 hits from one Twitter account alone. The name looked familiar, so I went to find out who it was.

Daily Shite had a post retweeted by none other than Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit.

So that my friends is how Daily Shite got it’s first brush with fame.May it be the first of many 😉

Thanks so much to our friend Stephen Spillane (@spiller2) for submitting the post, and Paul for being enough of a geek to see the appeal.

Have you run across a funny news bit, overheard something on Twitter, or found a hilarious video or email you’d like to see shared on Daily Shite? Send it to us, all submissions get full credit and link love!

5 thoughts on “How Paul’s Geekiness Got Daily Shite a Brush With Fame

  1. I am a music geek and I nearly shit myself when I watched it. Congrats on your first brush with fame. 🙂 Keep the shite coming!


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