Clearly We Need to Create a Douchebag Award

I admit to getting a good laugh out of Paul’s post the other day about social media douchebags. Let’s face it, you can’t inhabit even the most remote corner of the blogosphere and social media universe without practically tripping over them. They are kind of like 7-11’s that way.

Today I found something shared in my Google Reader that makes me think there might be something to this. Clearly what the internet needs is a Douchebag Award.

I was going through my Google reader this evening and came across a piece someone had shared on using Google Alerts to boost book sales. An Alerts user myself, I scanned the piece to see if there was anything useful in it. The post author talks about setting up an alert for anytime someone mentions your product, and being sure to comment and thank the person who wrote about it. Engaging with your audience is good, no matter what you are selling, right?

Then he comes out with this little gem-

4. Offer to send them a signed copy of your book. Or two or three copies. Here’s why:

  • They can give to their friends. You can personalize the signature to their friends.
  • Now they should be wowed. The blogger and their friends.
  • Now, you’ve made that blogger stand out as…cool, connected, important. You’ve boosted their street cred in their community.Now, you’ve made yourself stand out as an expert resource and great person.

As a blogger of 3 years and someone heavily involved in social media, let me educate you Mr. Safrit, because you are WAY off track when it comes to bloggers.

1. Recieving an offer to get a free copy of your book AFTER it has been purchased and reviewed is not going to wow a blogger. Ever. We get offers for free copies of books constantly, and the deal is that the review comes afterwards. Why would anyone be impressed that someone will give them a copy of a book they already own?

2. Offering to autograph it? *yawn* So 15 years ago.

3.  “Street cred” in the blogging community does NOT come from hawking your crap. Just the opposite. A blogger worth reading is a blogger who values themself enough to be properly compensated for their work.

No you have not “made yourself stand out as an expert resource and great person”, you’ve just made yourself look like a douchebag with your condescending attitude towards the very people you seem to think will quite happily work for you for free.

Congratulations.  Wear it with pride, and every time you look at it, remember the lessons learned here today.

Douchebag Award
Douchebag Award

10 thoughts on “Clearly We Need to Create a Douchebag Award

  1. I wouldn't worry about too many people paying actual attention to what he says. That's why even though he has "2000+" followers he hasn't gotten comment on any of his blog posts lately…

    I guess everyone else sees thought the bullshit too.


  2. Thanks, guys! My first major slam.

    It's a good read. I've done the same for others. Through it, there's something I can learn. I'll read it closer and find it. Thanks, again.


  3. OK, this made me laugh so hard I actually snorted. And that startled the baby enough it made her fart. Which is a pretty good response to sending someone a signed book after they've already reviewed it and thinking that's going to make you look cool.


  4. This made me giggle! Heh, I have gotten several offers for books to give away and review, etc, but never responded because I have no idea what's legit, or how to find out. But I must say that no one has ever tried to give me one I already own!


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