Because Breakups Aren’t Enough Fun

My ex, you know, the one suing me for the herpes I don’t have?, is on a rampage today. Not content to just file frivolous lawsuits or be a generally miserable person to be around, now has moved on to walking around talking to himself and his voice recorder in the typically rediculous falsetto voice he uses when he is talking to the kids and recording it.

“Oh, I’m soooo sorry mommy is too busy on the phone to turn a game on for you! Mommy is ALWAYS on the computer and phone, ISN’T SHE?” (Insert pointed look at me along with a smirk and laugh.)

Additionally, he is walking around with a notepad recording everything I do( Think-10am, Sara goes into her room. 10:30am, Sara comes out of her room and supervises the kids.). And some things I haven’t. Apparently truth means little.

Sorta like him walking into the room across from me, pretending to call Paul on the phone and leave a voicemail saying he may have a chance with me, because he saw me on his website.

Paul doesn’t have voicemail.

I had thought today would be spent dealing with the breakup of a year-long relationship, and getting things in order from that.

Instead I apparently get to watch my ex make an ass of himself all day long.

Popcorn anyone?

24 thoughts on “Because Breakups Aren’t Enough Fun

  1. I’m trying to catch up on the story here but I am confused as hell why this douchebag is in your house enough to record what you do minute by minute. (Dear god, does he stil LIVE THERE?)


  2. Oh, Sara. I am so sorry about all that you are going through right now. Stay strong. BIG HUGS.


  3. It’s a wonder you aren’t rocking in a ball in the corner drooling? That’s how I would be.

    The stress alone. I’m shocked the guy that physically harmed you after he found out about Paul STILL lives with you. The guy that probably cheated himself to get his Herpes and then is suing YOU who doesn’t have Herpes??!!

    Stay Strong.

    A lesser woman (me) would have shanked him already.


  4. What a jackass, man. I’d go. Get the hell out of there, you need some sort of peace to deal with what has just transpired. I could barely have my kids around while I dealt, let alone some seriously stupid mind fucker.

    Huckdoll’s last blog post..Darling Saturday


  5. Sara, your story should be a mini series. the ex sounds like an A 1. You should counter sue to find out where the herpes came from. If he has it and you don’t……Sounds like he cheated first.

    I applaud the fact that you can stay strong through this and live in the same house as him. The bad thing about Mobile is everyone seems to know everyone’s business. I’m sure someone can shed some light on the STD issue for you.

    Good luck with the divorce!

    WigenOut’s last blog post..Another Busy Weekend


  6. You know, the sad part for him is that the kids are only going to remember what he did to make the situation more stressful for them during this time.

    He’s seriously in need of mental help. Not to mention that I hope he didn’t give herpes to whatever 18 year old that’s sharing this mentality with him to. What a thing to live with…


  7. Stay strong!

    And you’re kids will remember who’s acting like an immature ass, causing stress for them all. My ex still has tantrums and blames me for everything that goes wrong in his life and generally works hard to make all of our interactions and my life miserable…and my kids know, they tell me it’s just ‘Dad being dumb’.

    I hope you’re at least able to get him out of the house and get custody of the kids soon.

    Hang in there…

    Bella’s last blog post..Death & Other Fun Topics People Avoid


  8. Unfortunately, he’s not acting crazy. It sounds to me like he’s acting for the courts.
    If he can get the kids to say “Mommy never spends time with me” or “Mommy always stays in her room” or some crazy shit like that on recorder then he’ll have you “one upped”. Or at least that’s what his lawyer probably advised him.
    The bad part is Bella is right, the kids will remember this time and remember that their Dad was the one causing all of the hate and discontent.

    Cricky’s last blog post..Quit Week


  9. Maybe this makes me a vindictive bitch [oh,well] but you’re logging what he does as well.


    Custody battles are nasty, nasty things and nothing is off limits.

    My [adoptive] dad contacted my birth mother when he divorced my [adoptive] mom to ask my birth mother to marry him so that he could be assured custody.

    Crazy things happen and you’re gonna need all of the ammo that you can get.

    Amy @ Taste Like Crazy’s last blog post..The Weekend and a Call for a Job


  10. I just read everything the other day and holy hell woman. I don’t know how you are holding up. I would not be able to live with him, that’s for sure. I sure hope everything works out for the best for all of your sakes.


  11. You people are the most pathetic people in the world. Get a life. She can’t stand lying. That is all this is. Ask this crazy person what she did Saturday night less than 12 hours of posting this bag of lies.

    Ask this evil witch when the last time was that she spent any quality time with her children instead of the Irish scumbag. She has occupied the same house with them, the same vehicle as them, but nothing beyond that.

    To make it clear, I am the ex’s brother. SO I HAVE PICKED A SIDE IN THIS. My brother is not perfect, but this is bizarre, and you pathetic people feed her. She is a SLUT, she IS a LIAR, She is SELFISH, she is GREEDY, she is HATEFUL, she is LAZY, she is MATERIALISTIC, she is ADDICTED TO THE INTERNET, she is admittedly an ADULTERER, and most of all SHE IS EVIL. And that is alright with you pathetic, miserable people. And now we all know that she is MENTALLY ILL. That’s right, a moment of truth. You have all been taken in by a crazy person. The irony is remarkable. Though how were you pathetic people supposed to know. You do not know the people involved here. It is on the Internet, so DUH, it must be true.

    You pathetic people should be praying for this family, for these kids. She has used this to entertain your pathetic lives and you have bought her bag of lies and crap, hook, line and sinker. There are THREE YOUNG CHILDREN in the middle of this mess and all she can talk about is herself. Who the hell is taking care of these children while she spends hours and hours on the phone with the IRISH Jackass, and hours and hours online with this and frickin’ Twitter and anyone else that will buy into her crap while my brother is working his butt off.

    By the by, the Irish Jackass broke it off with her, not the other way around. He started calling my brother and harassing him. He said it is to let him know that my brother was right all along. Not to apologize or anything like that. He too is everything she is. Probably mentally ill too.

    I’ll end like I started….you people are the most pathetic people in the world.


  12. Anyone else get a big anonymous SPAM post from “the ex’s brother”? I love how the ugliness is spilling onto all of us. Oh yay let the hell fire reign down on all of us readers who are YES praying for the family…..And yes, I am praying and personally, I take no sides.

    Sara-feel free to delete this once he reads it, I am sure you have a way to track IP’s, I just didn’t have any other way to tell him to stay the heck away from MY blog because he has an anonymous account and no post for me to spam.


    Jamie E’s last blog post..She’s Back


  13. Dear “Mark, brother of Suburban Obvilion’s soon to be ex”

    You coming to my blog and leaving me an insane and foul letter in my contact form? Just confirms you are a psychotic douchebag-ness runs in the family.

    Yes, this is the internet and yeah, I suppose I have ‘picked a side”. But the sheer “WTF?” of hunting down the people here who support her?


    Get some help.

    Like, now.

    I don’t need to know that there are two sides to the story. That email and the behavior surrounding it tells me everything I need to know, thanks.

    Kisses n’ stuff,

    Loralee’s last blog post..I’m having a $50 giveaway to make up for the fact that this is THE LONGEST POST KNOWN TO MANKIND!


  14. Hey Mark, I don’t have a blog to spam but I’d be glad to hear what you have to say. If you can conduct yourself in a mature manner feel free to track me down. I won’t give anything you say an ounce of validity but I would have fun batting you around for sport.


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