Coca-Cola PR…FAIL!

I don’t know if you guys are familiar with Coke’s ‘My Coke Rewards’ program. Different Coke products had codes on them worth 3 points, 10 points or 20 points, depending on the size of the pack or bottle. You could then redeem these codes for things like Blockbuster rentals, magazines subscriptions, stuff like that. I myself collected them for like 2 years, and have literally a shoebox FULL of Coke 12-pack flaps with codes on them. You could only enter 10 codes per day, so at 100 points a day they capped you at 700 points a week. (This is important.) Given the number of flaps I have, the daily cap was annoying, but whatever.

Today I get this in my email-


Note the cheerful announcement of the ‘Great news’, how they’ve made ‘big improvements’, and how starting February 16th you can enter as many codes as you want per day! Up to 120 points per week! Smiling model! Hey America, we’ve done this for YOUR convenience!

Wait. Back the fuck up.

10 points per flap..times 10 codes per day = 100 points per day.

Now..120 points per week. How dumb do they really think we are?

That smiling model up there? That’s the face of Coca-Cola laughing and pointing as they say bend over, and we aren’t using lube on this job.

Great. big. giant. PR. FAIL.

7 thoughts on “Coca-Cola PR…FAIL!

  1. They must assume that no one is paying attention to how many points they can redeem per week. No limits should be enter as many points as you want, when you want.


  2. I don’t think most marketing ‘experts’ believe people really pay attention (meaning; read AND think) and make advertising based on the MORON factor. Have you seen the new ad for the diet drink (coke/pepsi, whatever) marketed to men? It’s got a ‘cool’ name so men will buy it. Stupid.


  3. My. God.
    This made me want to scream with frustration!
    The most annoying thing is that most people probably *won’t* pick up on the drop in the overall limit.

    I mean, do they want people to buy more coke or what?
    All they’re really saying is “you should only buy 120pts worth of coke each week”!


  4. Why did you collect a shoeboxful before entering them? I’m sure they thought they’d got a handle on how much this game was costing them, then hoarders started messing with their stats.

    The probably couldn’t create a retroactive ‘use by’ date for the codes, so this is the only way to slow things down so their budget isn’t blown.

    I’m overseas, but looking at the values per pkg you list, even 120 points a week is a way more coke than is healthy. Unless your household is really, really big.

    Coke in Europe is great, by the way. Made with sugar, like the coke I grew up with, instead of that high fructose corn syrup stuff. I’m gonna miss it when I come home!


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