The Downside of a Post-Christmas Birthday

My youngest turned 4 today.

He’s been talking about it non-stop for a couple of days, about how excited he’ll be to be 4, because when he’s 4, he’ll be as big as brother,and when he’s 5, he’ll be as big as daddy!

No comment.

So he gets up sometime in the middle of the night and crawls onto my couch with me. I wake up to his feet poking into my belly while he snores, and his brother turning on the tv. Pretty soon he wakes up and realizes today is the big day.

He says “Mommy, today’s my birthday, let me go see what I got!”. He climbs down and starts heading into the living room. I follow. He’s standing in the middle of the living room, lip trembling, tears starting to roll down his face.

“Mommy, you said there would be presents, but Santa didn’t bring me nothin’!!!”

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9 thoughts on “The Downside of a Post-Christmas Birthday

  1. Awww poor kid. I thought the pre-Christmas birthday was hard. William was four the year he told us, right after his birthday party, “Well you can take that tree down now, my birthday’s over!”


  2. My oldest Daughter’s birthday is Dec 3rd and for the longest time she was afraid that she might not get a bday because it was so close to xmas. Nothing I could do could convince her that it was fine and she would not be forgotten on either holiday.


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