For You Twilight Fans



Should Stephanie Meyer ever decide to write about Edward Cullin’s life as a child, I’m pretty sure Damian will be a shoe-in for the part.



On that same note, I read the book and watched the movie over the last week and a half and liked them both way more than I expected. The problem is I’ve read the synopsis for the next couple of books and HATE them..WTF?? Is it worth reading book 2?

15 thoughts on “For You Twilight Fans

  1. I skipped a bunch in book two. After I read all four books I went back and read it again. I really liked the whole story line. Book two sets up some stuff needed for books three and four. Just skip around the boring parts and then go back if you wanna. 🙂 Plus you’ll be in the know for when the next movie comes out.


  2. Thank you for the Edward picture. You made my day! Okay, on to the books. Yes, read book 2. I didn’t care for it as much as the others but it does set up the storyline for 3 and 4. You have to read all of them. HAVE TO!

    Team Edward. The only reason to ever be Team Jacob is so that you can have Edward all to yourself.


  3. You must keep reading….. New Moon almost lost me but I promise you, PROMISE YOU, that Eclipse will make up for it. If you are looking for a little more from Edwards point of you, check out the partial version of Midnight Sun, (online, it’s Twilight written from Edwards POV….


  4. The boy is soooo cute. The baby, I can take or leave Edward. Team Jacob! Okay, I got sucked into the series before I knew it was a “big deal” but I wanted to finish it. I just don’t like not knowing the outcome. I say read it but don’t expect to be wowed.


  5. You’re right, Damian is a shoo-in for a younger Edward! And since you know this now, you should probably go ahead and get him some anti-fangirl armor for adulthood.

    I personally loved the entire series, though Twilight was by far the best. It just seemed to me like more time and care went into writing Twilight than the others. And the next book in the series, New Moon, is the one I liked absolutely the least. But Eclipse was wonderful, and Breaking Dawn was good, too.

    I’d recommend reading them all.


  6. What a doll Damian is!

    Yes, the rest of the series is worth it. Didn’t care for book 2, but it is a necessary evil for the rest of the books.

    As far as the movie goes, Edward was better looking in my head. And older. Definitely older. Funny how that works, even though I KNEW these characters were 17 and 18 yo’s.


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