Marketing to Moms- Ur Doing it Wrong!

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Nothing like waking up on a Sunday morning to a bunch of moms ranting on Twitter. If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, I can personally attest to the fact that the fury of mama bears with their dander up is something any smart person would avoid like a bad case of herpes. This is a lesson those in charge of marketing to moms for the purpose of making money should especially take note of.

Apparently the person in charge of marketing at was asleep at the wheel on this one when they decided to run a video ad on their site called ‘Motrin Mom-alogue’.  In an effort to relate to moms (*snort*) they put up a condescending little video supposedly from a mother’s point of view talking about how much Motrin helps when she wears her baby.


The clip talks about how babywearing is becoming fashionable, and how incredibly painful it is to the back, neck and shoulders, but the woman will continue doing it “Because it’s the good kind of pain! The kind that’s good for my kid.”


Seriously, I understand where they were half-assed attempting to go with this. They just did such a shitty job of it they have managed to set off the biggest firestorm of bad press among moms I’ve seen in months. Their message may have been ‘You are a good mom, let us help’, but instead what it translates to is ‘We know fuck-all about this subject we are trying to capitalize on, but you are too dumb to understand, so it doesn’t really matter. Here, buy some Motrin!’.

As a former and possibly future babywearer myself, the most obvious point here is wearing your baby in a pouch or sling should not hurt. If it does, you don’t need Motrin, you need to check the directions, because you are not doing it correctly. Getting the hang of a sling can be tricky, but once you do it is considerably easier on the back and shoulders than carrying your little one. Why else would women around the world have been doing it since the beginning of time? Fashionable my ass.

Motrin needs to seriously watch their steps in their marketing to mothers right now, because if their next ad talks about how breastfeeding is painful, but Motrin can help, not even the best PR in the world could save them from the wrath of mothers everywhere, myself included.

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8 thoughts on “Marketing to Moms- Ur Doing it Wrong!

  1. Million dollars says this is the same rocket scientist who brought us “Have a Happy Period” from Always. His boss probably took him off the Always account and gave him to the Motrin team. Sigh.


  2. I’m not sure if you have seen the Always ads that are running in Canada where they are using the tagline of “Have a happy period”

    My response when I first saw it and even now is one big WTF!

    On the other hand they also have an excellent program where (details a little fuzzy on the hows and whys) Always donates packages of their products to young girls in small communities in Africa so that they won’t suffer public embarassment and make them miss school because of them having periods.

    so on one hand they are doing something I think is incredibly stupid and then on the flip side I think they are providing a service that means more than any money they could give to these African communities.


  3. It was such a stupid ad, period. So many adverts are ridiculously asinine, irritating and annoying, but it seemed like whoever cooked this one up didn’t think to be objective when examining their final product. For them to think that their “official mom” line would fly w/ moms.. tsk tsk tsk Motrin.


  4. yep, poor taste indeed. Although I am one of “those mom’s” that apparently was “doing it wrong” because I was tired and sore after wearing my kids. It was not the bonding experience I’d hoped it would be. but, to each his own… and yes, the campaign was in poor taste.


  5. Thankfully I was unaware of the furor on this one. No, it didn’t hurt when I had my daughter in her little device (couldn’t find the popular ones they have now back then, all there was was snuggli.). I mean, kids don’t weigh much, yo.


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