New Moon Girls Saga Continues, Now With True Suckage

When I wrote my post the other day about New Moon Girls, I figured that was pretty much the end of it. The attitude of bloggers as slaves who should be happy to work for nothing is not a new concept in the blogosphere, and this in my mind was just yet another example. Vent my vent, and move on.

The discussion has continued, not without disagreements, but a really good discussion never is. Differences are what make the world go round, and all that jazz. I’m a big girl, and my opinions are my own, take them or leave them.

Then I got this particular comment-

Author : Marta (IP: ,
E-mail :
URL    :
Whois  :
I only saw this blog because I recently heard about New Moon Girls and I am researching them.  Everything that I have seen so far is really good.  Nancy, the founder, has been tirelessly publishing this magazine for years and I think it is a great service for girls.  I also greatly respect the work of bloggers like yourself and I agree you should get compensated for your work.  But getting paid to review would actually make you biased wouldn’t it?  Why didn’t you take their offer to become an affiliate?

I think it was the obvious clashing of the terms “I recently heard about” and “has been tirelessly publishing this magazine for years” that got me curious. Tirelessly? To describe someone you pretty much know nothing about? I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

Sure enough, is the mail server for

Oddly enough the same that lists New Moon Girls as one of their companies here-

I’m sure the Nancy that contacted me is a truly nice person. I never criticized the company itself, just the attitude she obviously has towards the worth of the people she is out asking favors from.

I truly cannot stand people who leave comments anonymously. Even worse, I cannot stand people who lie about who they are and why they hold the opinion that they do. To have my integrity questioned to myself and my readers, from someone who flat out lies about who they are and why they are here is about as shitty as it gets.

My final opinion on this one?


New Moon Girls and their partner in crime Monvia officially sucks ass for their crappy, deceptive attitudes and business practices.

7 thoughts on “New Moon Girls Saga Continues, Now With True Suckage

  1. Hi Sara, I love your picture, by the way, and I agree with everything you have said. I, too, am trying to earn a little money while blogging and have been rejected by a company who pays to write reviews of their product. I’m not sure why..they said I was too young…meaning haven’t been blogging long enough. I guess I can understand that, I don’t have a big readership yet, but I can see you do and you should well be compensated for your efforts.
    I don’t know if you are interested, but I’m playing a game of tag. Someone tagged me (I’m not even really sure what this means) But, I followed the directions and linked to your blog from my post. Feel free to ignore but I hope you play along. The directions are on my post at this link.


  2. You think these guys would get a little cop-on if they’re going to be commenting on blogs. IP address is traceable people, yet not a week goes by that you don’t hear of this astroturfing or “anonymous” commenting from the company in question’s IP. Madness!


  3. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You are the biggist frickin hypocrite of them all. You think you have integrity. You are only fooling yourself, and maybe some very, very stupid, gullible readers. You are an adulterer, a liar, a real piece of crap. You peddle this bullshit and tell readers that you have integrity. Whores have more integrity.


  4. Accidentally came upon this. I do not know of New Moon but I can say that Monvia is a company that says they help start-ups. Monvia does not have successes. Anyone that decides to work with or hire Monvia should thoroughly investigate and research the founders and look follow up with testimonials. If New Moon chose not to pursue Monvia, it was a wise decision. There is a lot of fraud or people who make claims and when there is a business partnership or money involved, be careful.


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