On a More Positive Note About PR Reps and Reviews


  A huge thank you to Tamara at Special Ops Media for thinking of me when the iCarly Season 1 dvd was released! My daughter and I watch iCarly together almost every weeknight, and she was over the moon excited to get to check out this disc. Seeing as how it has not once left the dvd player since it arrived, I can tell you it is a huge hit here. There are special features on the disc you should check out, but truthfully, she’s not stopped playing the episodes long enough to even look. LOL. If you have an iCarly fan in the house, definitely pick this up, and if your kids have not yet been introduced to the series, this is a great time to start! The show is tame enough for kids of all ages, but funny enough even adults in the house will enjoy it. Added value- kids at school will think you are wicked cool when you tell them “Of coarse I watch iCarly, who doesn’t?”.


birthday-crop In other ‘Way too cool not to share’ news, special thanks to Lia at Exponent PR for introducing me to the Groovy Girls RSVP line of dolls. Never heard of them? I hadn’t either, but boy am I telling anyone who will listen now!

Unlike most fashion dolls today, the Groovy Girls line does not include hooker heels, skimpy clothes, or little faces with what looks like 6 tons of painted on makeup. In fact, they aren’t even hard plastic, but soft cloth, so they are appropriate for kids as young as 3. Don’t let the soft-doll thing fool you though, they are anything but boring. With boutique-style clothing and several with colored streaks in their hair, these are definitely not your mother’s Raggedy Ann dolls. Come to think of it, Raggedy Ann never came with codes to use in a virtual world like that on GroovyGirls.com either. Welcome to 2008!


It’s not too early to start your Christmas shopping, and I give these two products a hugely enthusiastic two thumbs up 🙂

4 thoughts on “On a More Positive Note About PR Reps and Reviews

  1. My girls love iCarly and Groovy Girls. Speaking of PR reps, had one email me about New Moon Girls (http://www.newmoongirls.com/) which is a media co. (Web site and magazine) for girls. My older daughter seemed to like it but it was lower on her list of preferred gifts for the holidays (hard to beat a Nintendo DS).


  2. I don’t even have girls and I love the Groovy Girls dolls. I buy them for the girls’ birthday parties we’re invited too! Which is getting fewer and fewer as the boys get older…


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