16 days.

16 days till the hearing for my divorce.

16 days till the end of this nightmare.

16 days till the gag comes off, and the windows can be opened and I can breathe again.

16 days till I finally get some answers, and can stop living in limbo.

16 days till I can be myself again, whoever ‘myself’ is.

I’m still working on that one.

13 thoughts on “16 days.

  1. Hi Sara,
    Although I do not know the circumstances surrounding your divorce, I can tell you I have been there. It’s a hard time but when it’s finally granted you are able to breathe again. It feels like someone handed you a fresh clean white board.It sits in front of you and you can begin to write the rest of your life in all of the wonderfully bright colors that you choose. You can draw flowers and rainbows and smiley faces all over it. It takes time to fully recover (I’ve been divorced for 8 years) but you do start to feel in control again right away. I wish you luck and I will be keeping you in my thoughts throughout the next 16 days.


  2. I don’t comment on sites much and only have a few regular (or I should say sporadic) reads for blogs. Yours is one of them. Hang in there, as my mantra has become, “This to shall pass”.

    By the way, I have been tagged by 2 other bloggers and I’m passing it along to you. Maybe it will give you some lighthearted mindless fun. Hope you play along. Thanks for the good reads!



  3. I’ll be thinking about you. I hope things go smoothly for you and it is all over with soon. Let me know if there is anything you need.


  4. Wow I remember that. The finding yourself again is kinda fun though. It is amazing what you can really discover. Hope the next couple weeks fly by with ease!


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