7 thoughts on “The Obama/McCain Debate and Twitter

  1. I’ve been saying that exact same thing. I was watching the pundits last night like “what debate did YOU watch?” Same thing with a lot of twitters. I actually unfollowed some people cuz it was getting annoying.

    Emotions are definitely strong this time around, that’s for sure.


  2. Not watching two different things, but living in two different versions of reality. Welcome to rockstar politics, where people follow them blindly and without question getting hooked on the media campaign bullshit.

    You very quickly find that people who follow a certain candidate tend to follow the media outlets which support that candidate and it becomes a vicious feeding frenzy of ignorance and self supporting circle jerking.


  3. With the time difference I couldn’t force myself to stay up, but just caught the rerun. I heard similar conclusions today from both sides… not sure who I agree with after watching, but great post to harness the joys and intrigue of Twitter! 🙂


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