Making Money From Blogging- Reader Poll

I just read over on Techcrunch about Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere report, which gave a breakdown of who is blogging and how much they make. I was a little blown away by their figures. According to Technorati’s poll of over a thousand bloggers, people who advertise on their blog are making on average $6,000 a year. I’m curious who they polled and what their Technorati ranking is, because while ads can pay, I am generally finding that pay is more along the lines of a couple Starbucks runs a month, not a year’s lease on a Mercedes. So dear readers, tell me, how much are you making on your blog advertising, be it Adsense, BlogHer ads, paid posts or otherwise?

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You can read Paul’s more humorous take on the topic over at the O’Flaherty blog. We will both be running polls on this and will be posting results on Wednesday, October 1st about what the average blogger is really making!

9 thoughts on “Making Money From Blogging- Reader Poll

  1. I make about $100/month from BHA, another $100 from Text Link Ads (, and about $200/month from Scratchback (Top Links widget in my sidebar – it’s new though – I don’t know if I’ll consistently make $200/month).

    Having said that, The Scratchback and the BHA $$ goes to Lisa at Clusterfook. The TLA helps a little though!


  2. Wish I were making money. I have a higher Technorati rating than your blog but you have waaaay more readers than I do. If you’re making a couple Starbucks runs than that’s more than I’m making.


  3. I make some money from my blog, but it’s closer to the Starbucks end than the $6,000, that’s for sure. I think if I used a paypal donation button that would probably work better, but I am hesitant to do so–readers seem to be put off by that. I would rather build my audience organically, and then get better advertising offers later.


  4. I make a nudge over $500. I have TLA on two blogs, BlogHer Ads on one blog and then rock out with the paid postings. I also have one ghetto-fabulous blog I don’t talk about that makes most of my blogging money because it is, as I call it, my “total street corner hooker blog.” Paid links, paid posts, whatever. It gets no traffic and makes BANK. Crazytown. (It has pagerank…people just don’t get it…)

    The free stuff I’ve gotten has been pretty good – if I could translate those into “retail value” then we’d really be talking.

    I don’t have as many readers as you or a Technorati rank worth squat but I’m me, and communication is my bag…so I make due.

    Of course my blog translates into clients…so…there’s also an intangible worth there I can’t calculate.


  5. I created a poll asking work at home moms similar questions. Here it is if you want to take a look.

    I was surprised by the results – although not all of them make all of their money from 1 blog. As for me, I run 4-5 different websites that include blogs so my income is spread out over several sites not just one blog. Of course I also do this full time and I’ve been doing it since 2003.


  6. Hi! I sent you an email on your contact page with this link. There’s a news article posted on my blog about a mom in Alabama who earning 10,000 a year. She tells how she is doing it.


  7. Well, my 30 visitors a day doesn’t bring in much for my blog! I think it took me 6 months to get my first check from BlogHer — and it was $26. I have only seen one check and hope to see a second one soon… I’ve been signed up with them a year now, so I think I may be getting another $25… that makes a whopping $51 a year. Hmmm… No Mercedes there.


  8. I’ve been at this online thing for almost 10 years now. Between blogging, a couple or static websites, my blogging with b5media and with a few clients on the side, I’m averaging about $6,000 to $8,000 a month.

    It didn’t come quick and it doesn’t come without a price – that price being LONG hours each day of sitting with my laptop in the family room while the family watches television and I work – pretending to be hanging with the fam.

    Thanks to the Problogger Book and what I learned from it, I did recently make a sell for just under $100,000.

    I think if everyone is willing to sink in a lot of blood, sweat and tears, it is very achievable. I’m certain if I can do it, anyone can.


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