The New Kid on The Block..Errr..Blogosphere.

I was recently introduced to a blogger who is actually the daughter of a good online friend of mine. I went to check her out when she got her new place set up and it was pretty bare, with the bloggy equivalent of boxes still stacked and eating pizza off of paper plates. Cute place, but still needed to be unpacked and decorated.

I swung by tonight, and not only is the place now looking like hers, she has a really fantastic post up that everyone reading this needs to go check out. I wasn’t sure what to expect from her, but with this one post she has earned a permanent place in my feed reader!

Please go check out Bcuziwant2’s blog and her oh-so-been-there-done-that post called ‘The Morning Grind‘. Be sure to welcome her to the neighborhood! 😉

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