Rumor Has It

That someone claiming to be my husband is contacting people from my blog and giving them some skewed story of why I am getting divorced. I don’t know if its true, you know how the rumor mill goes, but if you do get contacted or have any questions, please let me know. I’d hate to think anyone would listen to anything other than straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak 😉

As if just getting divorced wasn’t enough drama..LOL!

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23 thoughts on “Rumor Has It

  1. I wish they would contact me so I can cuss them out. But then again they won’t since they know I know the exact truth.


  2. If I had been blogging back in the day, my ex totally would have done that – with glee. Although I always found it really amusing to hear his version from people around town. I could never decide if he really believed it or if he just wanted to spin things in his direction. I will say divorce sucks but once it is all over life gets much better.


  3. How childish to do something like that. I’m so sorry you’re going through all this drama. I can’t imagine how hard tough this must be for you.

    Hope it all dies down soon. Because you don’t deserve all this drama.


  4. You are a weak and selfish person. You will not grow. You will only become weaker and more selfish. If you want to grow, than grow in your marriage. Be a real woman and stick to your commitments. It is amazing to me how people like you claim that they are growing, like your husband was preventing that.

    Committing adultery, is that growing? Having a sexual relationship with a married man, is that growing. I think it is selfish and quite self absorbed. You are a small person, and the person that will grow the most will be your husband and your children once you are gone.

    People like you and Paul deserve each other. You will both cheat on each other again, and again. If you want to grow, stay and be a committed, faithful wife to your husband. Imagine what kind of woman it would take to do that. I do not think you have it in you.

    You would prefer to break up two families, one of which has three young children. You seem weak, so I seriously doubt it.

    I hope your readers are not fooled by your B.S. posted here and the “whoa is me” sympathy campaign the two of you have started.


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