Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) Posed Topless for Vanity Fair

I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor over this one, because one of Mylie Cyrus’ biggest selling points is her squeaky-clean image. The picture is nothing like the recent skin-fest that was Lindsay Lohan butchering Marylin Monroe’s image, but..ummm…she is FIFTEEN..WHY the need to do this??????

Miley Cyrus Topless

Please tell me this is just a fake or something??

*Editing to add another pic from the shoot. The story has been confirmed, with the family now claiming the photographer ‘took advantage’ of her by taking that kind of picture.

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34 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) Posed Topless for Vanity Fair

  1. Great. Yet another teen star who could have stayed on the right path but instead tries to “improve” her image by posing topless for Vanity Fair. Way to be a role model, Miley. And Billy Ray? disappointing, man.


  2. Oh, shit. I was just thinking the other day that she had escaped the sexualization and scandals of the Britneys and Lindsays of the world.

    What are her parents thinking?!

    Here I was thinking how refreshing it was for her to thank Jesus at the Nickolodean awards. Most teenagers performers would never or be caught dead mentioning their faith on a podium. I’m not a religious person myself, but I was impressed.

    Now not so much….


  3. OH, my Achy-Breaky Heart! Why do parents do this?? You ask? MONEY… Not so much the parents getting the money from these type of publicity stunts, but the third party marketing firms and agents who make all kinds of behind the scenes deals with different levels of media that the parent and in this case Miley will not ever get a part of…so I guess it is better to say the reason they do this is because they are told they are going to make money, but not nearly as much as what other people are going to make from them doing this.

    Didn’t Billy Ray do something like this when he started? IT could run in the family.


  4. It better be! Even if she does somehow have some type of top on that you cant see in the pic, its just wrong! It pisses me off for these little girls to look like baby hookers.


  5. I have nothing against a woman showing off her sexuality.

    I DO have a problem with a fifteen year old doing it.

    That picture just looks…odd. Like a little girl trying to grow up too fast.



  6. If it’s too good to be true? It’s probably not true. There was always wayyyy too much shiny, shiny bling-bling surrounding the whole Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus empire.


  7. This is quite gross. I like what omaflinger said. Well said.

    I did a little research after I read this. Miley had said she was embrassed by the pictures once she saw them. They were suppose to be more “artsy” and less well, whatever. Disney is all up in arms about it. I should link this. I’m too lazy to look it up again. (It’s 10:30, is that sad, I’m almost comatose ?) I’ll look it up and email to you.


  8. As others have said, it’s clear now it’s not a fake, since she and her family have acknowledged it. I think they caved to pressure at the photo shoot, and only came out and complained after they realized how upset some people were.

    They should have stood their ground– I agree that it’s just not necessary at her age. Isn’t she already popular enough? Kinda sad.


  9. You can tell where people found this story based on how it is portrayed. First of all she is not nude (though admittedly it is “suggestive” nor is she even actually topless (not that the yellow journalism sites will actually say that. The biggest problem here is (it seems) having Ann Liebowitz as the photographer, as she is not exactly adverse to controversy.

    If it were not for people (read: Trash Mags and sites) making such a big deal over this, and “suggesting” more I don’t think anybody would have cared. These pictures were going in Vanity Fair, not exactly a popular tween magazine.


  10. PLEASE People! She is wrapped in fabric!! She isn’t running around showing her ta-ta’s to everyone here! This is no different than wearing a strapless dress are worse yet a strapless bikini. There is no skin but her shoulders showing in this picture! I just don’t see what all of the fuss is. I bet most little girls who look up to this young lady, see their friends and family wear less around the swimming pool! Good heavens!


  11. It’s amazing to me the number of people who think this photo shoot is innocent, and have no problem with it whatsoever. She’s 15!

    Videos online have shown Billy Ray, wife and child leaving the photo shoot just prior to the taking of the last photo. Bad move Billy.

    Further reports say that when Billy saw the photo, he was “mortified”. Disney is not happy at all either.

    People/parents just don’t understand how children are being sexualized at very young ages, and how marketers, advertisers etc are targeting young children with inappropriate products, and they’re taking it right to the bank.


  12. I think the worst part is how much of a baby face she has in the photo. I mean if they at least tried to do her make up to look like an adult it would still be bad, but they seem to be flaunting the “little girl nude’ image. I wonder if the photographer’s computer needs to be searched for images he shouldn’t ahve.


  13. It’s too bad that photographer had to do that to Miley’s reputation and image. Of course, Vanity Fair didn’t help by only showing the questionable aspect of the image either.


  14. The smeared make up and looking like she is trashed is another part that I just do not get….
    The topless thing does not bother me as much as the lipstick that looks as though she has just had some heavy duty make out session…


  15. Man I’m so tired of young girls trying to grow up too fast and sending the message to our young that it’s okay to pose and show skin….at 15!@#

    Not that I think she’s a natural beauty anyway, but I thought her charm was in her good girl appearance. If she starts and continues down this path, she’s not going to have much to show for herself.

    And as far as the family’s comment about the photographer’s actions…..SHE’S 15!!! and underage….someone from her family should have been there to protect her to begin with. So whose fault if the photographer did take advantage??? The parent’s and the photographers!!


  16. I have to say that I don’t see what the big deal is about this picture. She isn’t “nude” and to be quite frank, the picture isn’t that great. Her skin looks pale and jaundiced and her hair looks unkept.

    Although, I can see how Disney and fans could see it as a “first step of things to come.”

    I can totally understand that.


  17. What I don’t get is the point of the picture… it’s the tone of it, really, not so much that she isn’t nude or topless. It must be difficult to be that age and in the spotlight all the time… unfortunately this seems to be the natural progression in Hollywood. I’ve noticed that her stylists seem to be dressing her much “older” than she is, honestly a lot of the time at events/ red carpets etc, outside of her TV show, she’s dressed much too maturely. My 2 cents anyway.

    Does anybody remember the uproar with Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby and Endless Love? I guess she turned out fairly well adjusted despite all that!


  18. ok see i dont no what to say about that i love her songs and the show but y? wood you do that she’s a lil girl shes a baby and y WOOD BILLY RAM LAT HER DO THAT NOW SHE GOT NO SHOW and i just dont no guys i love hannah montana but i dont no wow not cool hannah ps i hop you get off this shit


  19. She looks like she just got out of bed, without any jammies. Like she’s been having sex. That’s inappropriate for a 15 year old girl, I would say.

    I heard that her family was there, that they all liked the picture and thought it was quite ‘artsy’, until Disney got ticked. I don’t know if that’s true or not.


  20. It’s not a big deal people! It’s not like shes nude. People are makeing a big deal then it is. It looks really differnt in a good way.


  21. omg she may only be 15 but it was her decision and she made it…so just get over it..every1 makes decisions they regret…its not like child stars can stay children forever…


  22. Wow people, for 1 you cant even see it, 2 just because she did something like this, which is hardly even considered a nude photo shoot, does not mean that she’s going to turn out like brttany and lindsay.


  23. just let the girl live ! she is not the only girl that has every posed topless for a camera. and besides shes not really top less.. how do you know that she isnt wearing a tube top underneath it or a strapless bra ? none knows but her and them !


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