11 thoughts on “No, Really, Who ARE You as a Blogger?

  1. Will you quit spammin’ the girl, man! She’s trying to get feedback from something over at Fuel. Can’t you see she’s one of us?

    Actually Sara, I’m someone glad to have found your blog after you got involved with FMB. 🙂 That’s who I am.

    DP’s my online virtual stalker who’s just a step ahead of me, hence his comment here before I could do so…since…he always tries to go where he knows I’ll go when I have the time to go.

    See what you’ve gotten yourself in to now? You’re doomed like the rest of us.

    I love Lucy?


  2. Hmm…one word. It would be something along the lines of laughter or humor . I find that laughter really is the best medicine in many cases and I absolutely love a great sense of humour.


  3. It takes writing to become a writer. It takes blogging to become a blogger. So I fired up a blog and…While I’m workin hard at finding my own “voice” and discovering my own unique “niche” I might as well say this – yeah I am copying everything I can find. NO. I just write some stuff then later find out someone already wrote it. S%#!@t — I got a mean comment stating something to that effect – well it didn’t hurt my feelings – however, it did open my eyes to the fact that I am just a blogger a ME and I do what I waaaant. So I am the admin so I moderated his comment right to the delete box. Who am I as a blogger and what right do *I* have to be here? I don’t know. Check back….


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