Making My Escape to SOBcon 2008!

Usually it’s life as normal here in Suburban Oblivion. My days are filled with kids, their school stuff, PTA, the blogging, and the general domesticity that makes a rare Moms Night Out feel like a wild and crazy escape.

 Every once in awhile something happens to shake things up, and this was one of those weeks. It would seem that thanks to, yours truly will be attending SOBcon 2008  May 2-4th in Chicago. This is a blogging conference held by the incredibly charming Liz Strauss, the creator of the SOB (Successful Outstanding Blogger) award. I was fortunate enough to ‘meet’ her during a FuelTV chat a few weeks back, and she is one of those people who are so incredibly people-smart you want to sit down and pick her brain for hours. Anyone looking to build relationships with their readers and potential readers would benefit, and so I have to say I hope I will be seeing at least a few of you there. 🙂

 Check out the SOBcon site for more info, and be sure to watch the video here for Liz’s thoughts on this years’ conference.


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8 thoughts on “Making My Escape to SOBcon 2008!

  1. Congrats on the trip to SOBCon! Thanks for the heads up that you will be another SOBCon newbie, it is always nice knowing that you won’t be the only one. It should be a great time and I look forward to meeting you there as well.


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