I Finally Gave in and F@cked Matt Damon, But Truthfully I Prefer F@cking Ben Affleck.

Yes, I admit it, only today out of sheer boredom did I give in, follow the crowd, and f@ck Matt Damon. I hate doing things just because everyone else is doing it, and Matt Damon is just not my cup of tea. Video here for the last of us prudes who had not been singing about f@cking him till now-

I only saw the video because it seems Jimmy Kimmel decided to one-up them and announce, in a hilarious star-studded video that he is indeed now f@cking Ben Affleck. Talk about revenge ๐Ÿ˜‰ Check it out!

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27 thoughts on “I Finally Gave in and F@cked Matt Damon, But Truthfully I Prefer F@cking Ben Affleck.

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ I f^cked Matt Damon a few weeks ago! Didnt want too, cuz i think he sucks, but peer pressure is strong. I was super excited about f^cking Ben Affleck, well frankly because damn it i think he is fine!! I liked it better than f^cking M.D. I thought it was hysterical!!
    How dirty this comment sounds!


  2. The Ben Affleck video is awesome thanks to the celebrity filled cast. But the Matt Damon one totally has them beat in catchy song.

    So as to which one I like f*cking more? Tough call.


  3. Oh, I LOVE those videos. I fucked them both back when we all lived in Boston. . .

    Well, I would have. If I’d had the chance.


  4. i love sarah silverman. really. i think she’s hilarious… but the ben afflect comeback is SO MUCH BETTER than the original matt damon one. lol! man, he got everyone. robin williams, cameron diaz, MCLOVIN… man, so great. lol.


  5. That was the funniest thing I have seen all week. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! If I had to choose, I’d probably f@ck Matt Damon. Then again, Ben’s taller… I have a thing for tall guys… lol Oh well. I’ll just stay home and be content with my 6’3″ hubby. lol


  6. There’s a Seth Rogan version too, which is disturbing to say the least. I think the girl is the hussy from 40-year Old Virgin.


  7. Thanks for posting these! I just read about it in EW yesterday, but hadn’t seen them yet.

    Hmmmm….must I choose? Can’t I just enjoy f**king both of them?

    Blog Hoppin’,
    Balancing Hops


  8. I must admit, I posted both those videos. And it’s okay if you aren’t interested in Matt, because I can keep him busy enough for the both of us *wink*


  9. I have not seen any of these videos and they are both funny! I was drinking some pepsi with the first one and spewed it all over my keyboard. Thankfully I put it down after that:)


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