Valentines Day? Blah. Tell Me a Story!

For those of you who actually like the holiday, tell me about your most romantic moment ever, whether it was with hubby or a steamy ex.  😉

For those who hate it..give me your worst breakup story.  Misery does love company!

(And just for the hell of it, feel free to give me one of each if you so desire.)

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17 thoughts on “Valentines Day? Blah. Tell Me a Story!

  1. Not sure I ever had a great one. The ones before kids were always so anti-climactic.

    I do like sending Valentines. I’ve always liked giving out Valentines.

    I know, roll your eyes, but you know you still want to drink with me in SF.


  2. I don’t have any good or bad Valentine’s day stories. It’s always been kind of ho-hum for me. I do have a nasty break-up story: The guy I was dating my senior year of high school was mad that over winter break I went out of town. I drove all night to get back for my birthday on Jan. 3rd to be with him. Got back to find that he was drunk and sleeping with his exgirlfriend. Happy birthday!


  3. My favorite Valentine’s with the Warrior is when we went to this no reservations BBQ place, found it WAY too busy to deal with, agreed we would rather get drive thru and go home and watch 90210, and did just that.

    Yup. Super romantic. 😀

    My mom’s babysitting tomorrow, so we’ll see what we can cook up. We’ll probably be wishing we were home watching Survivor. Teeheehee.


  4. Got nuthin’. The day never meant much to me until I had Fa.

    I used to wear black on Vday just to protest my indifference to it.
    But since Fa is here, every holiday is more fun.


  5. When I was 18, I accepted a date with an older man (he was 26) and he told me to meet him at our little town’s airport. He flew me from Colorado to Rapid City, South Dakota for lunch and flew me past Mt Rushmore. I then got airsick and he had to land in Wyoming so I could throw up. He never asked me out again…..


  6. I was 19ish and waitressing at a ski mountain and got done early because of the rain…go home, call a friends pizza joint for dinner and a 12 pack and ask who’s delivering he says “G*”…I say “C* make it his last delivery and I’ll drop off cash tomorrow” (small town, I went to highschool with the owners) C* tells me to make it worth his while and its on the house. G* shows up with my pizza and beer and well…we made it worth each others while that night.

    The next year, the guy I was seeing dumped me on Valentines Day. Asshat.

    Ahhhh the memories!


  7. My most memorable Valentines Day was when I was in the 3rd grade. A boy I liked gave me his biggest Valentine and an extra piece of gum for a treat. I remember swallowing the gum because I heard it would take 7 years to digest–it would be with me always. I was over the moon. While there have been V-Days with more extravagant gifts and grand gestures this is the one that first made my heart go pitter-patter.


  8. Valentine’s Day SUCKS! We do not celebrate, and in fact Piatt and I started dating the day after Satan day, as i so affectionately call it, because niether of us like it!! I think its because I never really had a Valentine, So there. 🙂


  9. went on a first date with someone (a sympathy date on HIS part, altho’ I was majorly crushing on him); and he had the flu but didn’t want to cancel because it was VALENTINES DAY…

    He threw up everywhere at the restaurant.

    It was our last date.


  10. My best would be when hubby proposed to me 2 days before valentine’s day 2000. I thought he was going to wait until the 14th but he did not. My most memorable even if it didn’t happen on the actual day…close enough!
    My worst would have to be the breakup on V day. I was young and dating an older man. I caught him with another woman when I took his V day gift to his apartment after school. Told you I was young and dating an older man. It would took me a few years to get passed this yet I still dread V day every single year.
    Though DH surprised me last night with flowers when I was not expecting anything!


  11. I hate Valentine’s Day, actually. It might have started in high school, when I got dumped (IN A NOTE, I might add) two days before Valentine’s Day. The best V-day I ever had was when I went out drinking with my other single friends. At least, I think it was my best V-day ever. I don’t really remember.


  12. When Nicholas was beginning to be interested in using the potty, Gavin and I went to Wal-Mart to get a potty seat for him. On Valentine’s Day. Yup. Our hot date was a trip to Wal-Mart. (We did do dinner, though).

    Not a bad break-up story, but here’s my ‘date from hell’ story…

    I went on a blind date to a guy’s senior prom. It was totally a pity thing. The girl he asked bagged on him at the last minute (he later found out she never intended on going with him but didn’t know how to say no when he first asked her) and his mother told her friend who was a friend of my dad’s and then somehow I ended up going with him. (like I said, it was a pity thing)

    We ran out of things to talk about 1 minute into the car ride to the prom (he said his favorite class was typing! ) Yes, it was a looong night).

    And after the prom (where he spilled water on me), we went to a trendy diner-type place with his friends and he dropped a ketchup soaked fry on the white dress I had borrowed (and thus spent $100 on dry cleaning to get the damn stain out!).

    No more pity dates for me!


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