Fighting the Frump, Mardi Gras Edition (Ball Update w/pic)

I’ve always loved Fussypants, but she’s given me even more reason to adore her with the start of Fight the Frump Fridays.

I decided to kick off the premier Fight the Frump week by updating on the Mardi Gras ball that I set out to lose 20lbs for and get back into that 2 sizes too small ball gown. While I didn’t lose 20lbs, I did manage to lose a little bit, and between that and a hell of a lot of spandex, I did indeed get back into the dress. Barely. And it took a safety pin to make sure the zipper didn’t pop open. As Tim Gunn would say, “Make it work!”, and I did. 😉

ball gown

I was a little self-conscious about how tight the gown was, right until I got there. Let me tell you one thing I’ve learned, and this should be an official Fight the Frump Commandment- “Thou shalt not spurn the lycra.” Truly folks, when the occasion calls for a fitted gown, supportive undergarments are a must. Lumps and bumps are normal, but a good body shaper is a girl’s best friend for smoothing things out and letting the dress shine.

On another “Make it work” note, I have to show off the shoes. (Fussypants, don’t look girlfriend. Seriously, close your eyes.) I know they are slutty, I know they are tacky, but there is not better cute for a 5-inch too long hemline than 6-inch heels, and gosh darnit, I like them! These would *only* be acceptable under a floor length gown, so I will let them be my once a year indulgence. I’m developing a serious thing for hooker shoes.
ball shoes
If the shoes make you feel sexy and boost your self-confidence(and can’t be seen under the dress), then I am personally declaring them anti-frump. Just don’t get arrested and it’s all good. 😉

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37 thoughts on “Fighting the Frump, Mardi Gras Edition (Ball Update w/pic)

  1. Hi Friend of Fussy,
    Wow, kudos to you!
    Support undergarments are a girl’s best friend. Thanks to Fussy, I will be ordering some Spanx… after I push out this baby, that is.

    Oh, man. I actually like those shoes. Must have been all those years of Barbie dolls. They look like they’ll guarantee the wearer a fun night! Or a broken ankle.. Nah!


  2. i have been working out and got a new dress for my hubby’s holiday party in january. it made me feel SO good. even if I didnt technically lose any weight, and then after all my worries, i realized i was one of THE hottest girls there. it feels great doesnt it? you go!


  3. Sara,

    You look absolutely beautiful! I love it.

    “Ye shall not forget ye spankx!”


    I give you a pass on the hooker shoes because they are “marriage strengtheners!” hee, hee.

    Now if they were Uggs, we’d have to talk.

    Love ya,


  4. YAH! I am glad your hard work paid off and you could wear the dress. As for the shoes I double dog dare you to wear them to Target with a miniskirt. But please call me first so I can get my camera and capture forever the faces of the gapmoms as you walk by!! I really love hooker heels!


  5. The picture is gorgeous!! You look fabulous! And i have to say that I am a proud supporter of undergarment support.. *that sounds strange*


  6. Wow – I love that dress! Congrats on the weightloss!

    I have been squeezed into MANY a bridesmaid dress due to the wonder of spandex! LOL!

    And, I kinda dig the shoes, too! (Sorry Fussy!)


  7. Aw, man, me and those shoes would be a broken ankle waiting to happen, but wow! You rock them. Around here we call those Coochie Shoes.

    I am mighty impressed with the power of the spandex. I will be sure to employ it during my sister’s wedding in October.

    (ps I usually lurk but have been trying to come out of my shell more, so, um, Hi!)


  8. Those shoes make me want to go to a gay club and dance with drag queens. (I totally mean that as a compliment)

    You looked great!


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