38 thoughts on “Inspiration, and a Small Update.

  1. Congrats! That is an AMAZING dress!
    And funny that you post a picture because I was going to tell you to hang the dress in the kitchen (or whereever you keep your snacks) as inspiration to NOT eat it and lose that weight!


  2. I love the dress. Gorgeous. I hope that you show us a picture of you in it when you get there (and you will get there). Congrats on the weight lost so far! That’s wonderful!


  3. The dress is gorgeous, and four pounds in a week is an amazing achievement. Dieting sucks, but with an incentive like that, I know you’ll rock!

    (Happy De-Lurking Day)


  4. Gorgeous!

    The picture I REALLY want to see is you all decked out, wearing that dress on the way to your ball (right? Ball? I’m in NY – Mardi Gras is just another Tuesday to us.)


  5. Great dress! I’m a little jealous. I could never pull off a dress like that. I’m built like a twelve year old boy and need to wear a bra with a little padding so I can at least look like a girl.

    Congrats on the 4 pounds. That rocks!


  6. I know how Sara lost those four pounds.

    Did anyone else notice that cuh-razy post in their google reader this morning under Suburban Oblivion?

    It’s obvious aliens have taken over her blog and are speaking in mathematical code!

    The aliens did something to suck out that 4 pounds, probably involving an anal probe of sorts.

    (hahahahaha! I’m sorry, I crack myself up!)

    BTW Sara, are the aliens also taking over your email? Hello????


  7. The dress is BEAUTIFUL!! way to go on the 4lbs… havent seen you on yahoo in a while.. Im making a mental note to call you this weekend!! Love ya!


  8. Congrats on the weight loss! This time of year is really tough…you can do it! I get low blood sugar wooziness, too. You’re right on upping the protein. I did that with my pregnancies and it helped tremendously.

    I love that dress…it will all be worth it to get to go out in such a lovely gown! Last time hubby and I went out I had on GAP jeans from Goodwill and a sweater! πŸ˜‰


  9. love that dress! i can see why that would inspire you. congratulations on starting with those four pounds. πŸ™‚

    we haven’t talked in a long time, so i wanted to check in and say hello! hope all is well…


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