18 thoughts on “Not Quite Like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

  1. Cherry twizzlers & sprite so you burp a Shirley Temple…
    But hun, don’t you KNOW that you are granted immunity from dieting on those nasty days? I always grant myself at LEAST 3 days. Minimum.


  2. Um, don’t periods count as mini=holidays when you’re on your diet? You know, like when you’re dieting and Thanksgiving comes along? Have I been doing this wrong? (No wonder I can’t lose those last 30.) 😉


  3. I tell you what, I did Weight Watchers on my own (just using their formulas to calculate the point value on foods, I already knew my point allowance daily for the flex points plan) and it really didn’t feel like dieting at all. I lost 40lbs over around 15weeks with some plateaus in between but it was amazing. The best bit for me was that I didn’t have to give up chocolate so I got to have my pre-period chocolate fixes too 😀


  4. Oh boy, I don’t usually stay on diets during my period. I’m always a LOT hungrier when I start it. And I usually need chocolate to make it through those days. Good luck.


  5. I’m not sure about the popcorn and M&Ms, but I’m totally with you on the dieting and period. But the good news is you won’t have to worry about your period when you’re at your event!


  6. You should try, dieting, exercising, quitting smoking and period all at once. It can’t be done. Next time I decide to start any new goals, I will be checking the calender. And party mints and salty nuts are my downfall everytime.


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