20lbs in 25 Days..Can it be Done?

I’ll be honest, I’m having a really hard time writing this post. I’m not sure why, I’ve certainly talked about my weight before. That said I’ve been working on this post for 2 days and can never get more than a starting word or two before I give up. Too personal, too embarrassing, not that interesting..I’ve had every excuse not to tell you guys this story.

Today is the beginning of the Mardi Gras season here in Mobile. The next month will be full of parades where drunk cheering onlookers shove each other playfully compete for beads and moon pies. In addition to all the street-side revelry, it also means the ball season is upon us. You guys may remember how I got so stressed over last year’s event and we ended up not even going because the ex got sick at the last minute. No biggie though, means I already have my dress for this year, as I never got to wear the one from January, right?


I went to try it on a couple of days ago. Houston, we have a problem. A big problem. The dress that I bought last year no longer fits- I can’t seem to get it to zip up around my ribcage. Not the hips, not the waist- the problem seems to be happening just below my chest. WTF? Attack of the back fat?? I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. I had to buy this beautiful dress because I’d outgrown the one from the previous year. I went from a 6 to an 8, and am now resting on the lower edge of a 12(skipped 10 altogether I guess), where that poor size 8 dress is refusing to tread.

I know the obvious answer is to buy a new dress, but that is not an option I’m allowing myself. Up until that embarrassing moment, I knew I’d gained weight, but it hadn’t hit me how much. Seems stupid- I see the bigger clothes I have to buy, I see the mirror, but somehow the pieces don’t come together in my mind to give the full picture of reality. I often joke that denial is my happy place, but until the other day I really have been in denial, and that drives me nuts. This is NOT the body I want to have. I want to be comfortable in my own skin again, something I haven’t been for quite some time.

Since I seem to work better with a deadline, I’ve decided my first and immediate goal is to get myself back into that dress in time for the Mardi Gras ball on the 30th. Since its about 2 sizes I need to drop, I am guessing thats about 15-20lbs, but again, its not so much about numbers as just getting back into it. Before anyone starts on me, don’t worry, I am NOT going to be starving myself. I love to eat WAY too much for that! LOL. Just cutting out any bad carbs(Damn you Pepsi!!), going heavy on the protein and veggies, and hitting the gym as much as possible. I have problems with feeling sick when I don’t eat often enough, I’m hoping more protein in my diet will help even out the low blood sugar episodes.

Any words of advice would be great, I have a feeling its going to be a long month! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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41 thoughts on “20lbs in 25 Days..Can it be Done?

  1. Okay, if I were you (and I kind of am because we have the annual company ball coming up on the 26th and I’ve been eating my way through my stress for weeks now), I’d go on a plan (Nutrasystem or Weight Watchers) for the month. If you really follow it, you’ll lose a good 8 pounds if not more. Weight Watchers is cheaper esp if you’ve ever done it before. Journal your points and drink water until it comes out of your ears. Run, walk, yoga, jazzercise, and eat lots of fiber. Hell, maybe start smoking (just kidding!). Seriously, you can lose in 25 days but to do it in a healthy manner – you can lose so much in that time frame. Grab this feed: http://www.thatsfit.com/ and buy a new dress in a few weeks if you have to. Don’t kill yourself.


  2. dexatrim and smoking instead of eating………….

    ok j/k
    Work out at least 30 mins a day.
    Stay away from sugar.
    Count your calories.
    You can do it.


  3. Good luck Sara!
    Eat small portions, think salad plate… not dinner plate. Tons of water.
    Veggies, whole grains, protein, fish.
    Cut out the sugar and carbs. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day.
    Water, water, Water.

    Good luck!


  4. Drink lots of tea?

    I’ve been reading The Ultimate Tea Diet for a review for PBN, and while I haven’t tried the full diet yet, I will agree with the author that drinking tea all day long does seem to help reduce the appetite. And some of the stuff in tea is supposed to work with your efforts to help you lose more weight.

    Good luck! I need to get serious about losing some weight, too. But it’s hard to motivate myself when I’m still breastfeeding and want to eat everything in sight.


  5. Ok in this predicament I would go with South Beach Phase 1 the entire 25 days. You still get to enjoy lots of great food, but no carbs (not even fruit.) I have been on every diet and Phase 1 is the one I lost the quickest with the ten odd times I’ve been on it. It’s also great because you won’t feel hungry something the low fat diets won’t do. Also when you’re cooking for your family you won’t have to have a whole different meal for yourself, just ditch the carbs.

    Excercise will also help, cardio and toning. If it’s a bulge in a specific area, toning can help elongate that. Pilates maybe?

    Best of luck. I’m starting Phase 1 again on Monday – am on a carb kick until then! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep us posted!


  6. You’re right, generally. Every 10 pounds is supposed to be one size. Good luck.

    Anyone who know me knows that last year was all about losing weight and getting fit. (hey, I’m even writing 2 special articles about it for BlogHer.com)! You have taken up a huge and I would say unlikely challenge.. but give it a whirl.

    The protein, veggies and fruit thing is fine. I’d say add some whole grain into it (slow cook oatmeal for breakfast with an egg and an orange) earlier in the day. Veggie soup with tofu and some whole grain crackers for lunch. Your body needs the easily available energy.

    EAT EVERY THREE HOURS. A small apple and 6 almonds mid-afternoon will keep you satisfied until dinner.

    At the gym, hit the weights as hard as you hit the cardio. Maybe harder, but make sure you are doing it right. And here’s a real tip: drink some milk (cow, soy whatever) as soon after your workout as you can. It will start building muscle and eliminate some of the stiffness/pain later.

    Let us know it how you’re doing.


  7. “Carbs are the enemy!”

    Lots of freakin’ water, chicka. You can do it… not the # of lbs, but the toning and such, will get you back into the dress.

    Heres’ to losing your own personal “Kevin & Leroy!”

    Much love, Sara. ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. I’m feeling your pain. I’m not anywhere near where I need to be right now. I’ve started an accountability program over at my profile page called w8 Loss Wednesday. I weigh in on Wednesday and post the video results. Oh boy. How pretty is that? i agree with Sacrastic Mom that water is key. *I am not a doctor.

    Sounds like you have a good basic plan in place. Now, like me, it’s all about execution. You can do it!


  9. If you have trouble getting sick if you don’t eat often enough make sure you are eating 5-6 small meals a day. Basically this just means adding in a fruit and/or yogurt at mid morning and mid afternoon and maybe even at night. Definitely cut any drinks that have calories. Why on earth anyone would drink their calories I will never understand. Get at least 8 8 oz glasses of water a day–if not more!

    I don’t know about the number you are aiming for but if you can do the eating and get the exercise you may be able to trim enough fat and tone enough that you can get into that dress.


  10. Hey…I’m right there with ya. I do have a Mardi Gras dress from last year that I’m looking to sell. I bought it for $125, and I bought the petty coat wich was $25. I’m wanting to sell it, and the petty coat for $75. So if you can’t get into your dress I have one for you if you’re interested.
    I’ve decided I’m not going to any balls this year. I’m feel too fat to wanna go. So I’m right there with ya losing weight.


  11. I hear you sista! I was surprised when I realized my rib cage expanded permanently during/after my pregnancy. Ick. Like you, Mardi Gras is a Galveston whoop-dee-do too. So, you have my support, empathy and encouragement! You have encouraged me to get off my lazy rear end and join your efforts. I already started eating more healthy as part of Scott’s w8Loss Wednesdays. One of the things I have heard time and time again is weight lifting – you will lose more mass more quickly. Good luck!


  12. Good luck! Post what you’re doing, if you don’t mind! I am in the same boat, only with a lot more weight to lose and no real time frame. But the bad thing about not having a time frame is something always comes up that I wish I looked better for, and there is no time to get it done!


  13. That’s just how it happens. You think you look pretty damn good and then you try on that outfit that used to fit last year. What happened?? Did it shrink???? But then you must face the truth. Weight Watchers, baby. Stick to it and the weight will come off. Watch those carbs.


  14. At least 5 – 8 glasses of water (you already knew that), don’t eat after 9 pm (if you are a night owl like me), eat SOMETHING for breakfast even if you aren’t that hungry (it jump starts the metabolism in the morning). The new healthy sweetener is Stevia… it’s been used in Paraguay for centuries and has been studied with no adverse reactions.


    Good luck, you can do it! I’ve lost 10 lbs by just not eating out!


  15. Well, I have a closet full of dresses that I long to wear again, so you and I are on the same boat, too. I think slow and steady is the way to go. Little efforts also go a long way- switching soda for water, dressing on the side, stairs rather than the elevator.

    Best of luck!!!


  16. Several small meals through out the day and lots of water as others before me have said. Also yogurt is a healthy snack as well. Other than that I have no other ideas. Keep up posted and let us know how it all works out. Also one more thing before I go…if you have to go out and buy a new dress…honest it’s ok to do that!


  17. Don’t be ashamed of posting that. I think you’ve seen from the responses that we’ve ALL been there (or are there). It sounds like you have achievable goals. Just keep up the positive mindset. Might cardio workouts with weightlifting. Make time every day for exercise. I think you’ve gotten lots of good advice about eating. I can’t wait to see how you do. No matter what, it will be good, and a step in the right direction.


  18. Working out with weights would probably help tone the area you’re talking about. Crunches and back exercises would work best. Dieting is fine, but if it’s one specific area that’s causing the problem, attack it with a vengeance. ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS – I had to read your title three times before I realized it was 20 pounds, and not 200. In 25 days. The second time I thought, oh, she means get down to 200 pounds, but then I thought, 200 pounds in a size 12 dress would give you a very awkward body shape. I’m lame.


  19. I think the other people who suggested going on a formal plan like South Beach might be right. They do it on The Biggest Loser… so it can be done! Good luck!! (and DEFINITELY keep us posted on your progress… if you find something that works, I want to KNOW about it!!)


  20. I doubt I can say anything that hasn’t already been said here. Staying active was a big help to me last summer – less time on the computer, more time moving. (Ugh, the unfairness of it all!)


  21. Sara,
    Would it help to have a buddy? I’m bummed for you that you are in this situation, but excited for me because I am as well. I didn’t have a specific goal in mind as I don’t have a particular event, but I am pretty grossed out, frankly, at how my body looks. And the sizes I was having to try on to get pants that didn’t make me have to pee immediately upon zipping them up.

    Plus, Bossy’s coming to visit…I canNOT have fat arms!

    I’m going to go post about it right now. You’ve inspired me!


  22. I bought myself a juicer… lots more fruits and veggies. I’m tired of the extra 10 that have been hanging around my mid section as well.

    If you want more info on juicers, I’ve done tons of research. Just email me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!!


  23. Small meals. 6 times a day.
    Do not skip meals!!
    Use a small plate.
    Cute your food into smaller pieces.
    Low calorie condiments (think salsa instead of mayo) and dressings (I like salsa as a salad dressing myself.)
    Drink water before each meal.
    If you get a craving, drink water. Don’t let yourself have it for at least 30 minutes. The craving will most likely pass.
    Allow yourself a small treat every other day so you don’t feel deprived. (Hershey kisses are a good portion size for those).
    Serve yourself your snacks and then put the container away. Do not eat out of the bag – too easy to lose track of what you’ve eaten!
    For your goal, cardio is better than strength because it burns more calories than strength training. (there is no such thing at target weight loss – you’ve just got to lose the weight and it’ll come off everywhere).

    E-mail me anytime about your weight loss. Seriously.


  24. Sara – I was going to chime in with advice, but everyone else beat me to it! So I’ll just send my good luck, you can do it wishes and call it a night. You can do it!!! : )


  25. Good luck. I have no advice but thank you for providing a place where all the good dieters can share their tricks – I so need them. I’ve got about forty to go . . .but I have four months before I have to appear in a strapless bridesmaid monstrosity. . er, dress.


  26. What worked for me was setting rules, like not eating anything after 7 pm, not even pop, water only. Adding in a little excercise, and not over eating at meals. It took me hitting a size twelve also to get to this point. But after I lost about 6 pounds, I was down to a ten. And it only took a little over a week. So there is hope!


  27. I feel your pain, sista.

    You know you may not need to lose as much as you think you do. You may not want to settle on a number but just do your best to eat healthily and exercise whenever possible and drink lots of water as it boosts your metabolism.

    My twin sis is a personal trainer (crazy how different we are) so she gives me tips now and again.

    Take care of you and don’t beat yourself up over it. It may take a bit longer but over time the general idea of good eating is then ingrained in your mind and its a lifestyle change rather than a diet.

    (and of course as I’m saying this I’m telling myself the very same thing)


  28. I’ve been fighting to lose the last of the baby and Katrina weight (love blaming things on Katrina!) and am also looking to lose before Mardi Gras! Here’s wishing you all the best!!


  29. Alcohol is an appetite suppressant.

    Know what goes good with alcohol?

    That would be Mardi Gras.

    And all that pushing and shoving is a WORK. OUT. (if there was any shoving at the parades)

    It’s how I stay thin-ish.


  30. 6 small meals during the day.

    No carbs after 4:00pm

    You can do it! Becareful with the “liquid diets” and the “protein bars” They are okay from time to time but no good in the long run!

    Good luck!!!!!!


  31. i wish i had words of wisdom for you…truth is, i’m in the same predicament. not that i have any balls to attend…the most i ever get dressed up for is a trip to Walmart right now!

    but i do have a lot of extra weight i’ve been struggling with since having the boys, and my ppd hasn’t helped. i go through stages where, if i’m not doing anything, i use snacks to fill my time…while i sit my fat ass on the couch and watch soaps. not good, and certainly not conducive to any modicum of self-esteem.

    i wish you luck, but don’t be too hard on yourself. you will look beautiful no matter what…even if you have to buy a new dress.



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