20 thoughts on “You Know It’s January in Alabama

  1. It’s actually a conspiracy.

    Target bikinis are in cahoots with the diet & exercise industry. They KNOW we all feel fat after pigging out over the holidays and seeing those itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis really sends home that we are fat and must diet and exercise, thus we buy the books, exercise balls, workout tapes, etc., etc.

    Total. Complete. Conspiracy.


  2. I walked into Target a few days ago and stood there dumbfounded for a few minutes. Swimsuits? For spring break? Ugh, I don’t know, I didn’t see any cute ones either.


  3. They’re here in Ohio, too. Thanks to our weird fashion gurus insisting we buy clothing half a year ahead of time, spring and summer clothing is now available. And I can’t find one damn sweater left on the clearance racks. Come July, there won’t be a single bathing suit left in the stores.


  4. I understand the stores doing that kind of thing here (I’m in AL, too), but it blew my mind when the same thing happened in Michigan and Massachusetts. Seriously, in MA we needed long sleeves in July occasionally. Just makes no sense at all.

    Of course it is freezing here today and then supposed to be in the 70’s in less than a week. I’m all for the cold weather. If the damn grandparents would just move north……


  5. i need to live in a place that’s bringing out bathing suits (hell, i need to live in a place where they freakin’ have a target)…here in Toronto, they are bringing out more turtlenecks…


  6. Ugh! I hate that.

    I need to get a nice dress for February 9 and I’m afraid I may have waited too long.

    Do you think people would look at me funny if I wear a sundress to my son’s Bar Mitzvah here in Chicagoland on 2/9?


  7. Bathing suits out in the stores in Indiana too. Oh, and of course all the things like winter coats and long sleeved shirts already on clearance.



  8. Can you believe that it is 17 right now (Huntsville) and by Saturday it will be in the high 60’s? And I wonder why my sinuses are shot.


  9. We’ve been struggling to get above 10 degrees the last few days here so I’m thinking most people aren’t thinking about bathing suits yet. I myself can’t wait for bathing suit weather myself though. 😉


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