Goal for 2008- Fill the Blogosphere With Crap

Has anyone else seen this?? After the nightmare of a month that was NaPoBloMo, some well-intentioned but apparently clueless bloggers are joining an initiative to blog every day in 2008. Yes my friends, Blog 365 is about blogging every day next year, save for February 29th, in which they will be allowed to rest.

I’m all about blogging, truly I am. There is not a thing that goes on in my life that I don’t wonder about getting a blog post out of it. But OMG people, did you not learn anything last month?? I had to hit the Mark as Read button so many times it became almost automatic after logging into Reader. Traffic went down immensely for a lot of people, as did the quality of the things being posted. I saw many, many bloggers complaining about the amount of sheer crap that was churned out do to NoBloPoMo.
Yeah, speaking of quality, here’s the kicker. Nice little quote from the Blog365 website-

– A post is a post, not everything has to be in writing. Photos, YouTube videos, and the like are all considered content.

In short, post whatever crap you can find, just for the sake of saying you posted.

Maybe I’m a freak, but I don’t post unless I honestly feel like I have something to share. It might be a cute photo or a funny story, but if it is, you know there was a reason for it, not because I had some imaginary quota to fill. Who needs that?

I am asking..no, BEGGING my fellow bloggers not to participate in this madness. Post every day if that’s your normal MO, but for the love of Google Reader, please make it worth reading.

I cannot take 12 months of garbage in my reader the way I had to in November.

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24 thoughts on “Goal for 2008- Fill the Blogosphere With Crap

  1. You are soooooooooooo right!!! As someone who participated in NaBloPoMo, I know I churned out a ton of crap. It was also nice for me personally, because it forced me to chronicle during our move…I likely wouldn’t have posted at all for the month, although many might argue that the blogosphere would be better for it if I’d been silent.

    And you’re so right…I lost many readers in November. Guess it’s a good thing I was doing it for myself, huh? I’m sure it’s also a function of the fact that during November I hardly commented…all I had time for was my post in the midst of the move. Plus, like you said, it was impossible to keep up.

    That being said, for a quick, insane moment I considered 365…but I quickly put that though WAY behind me. Talk about taking the joy out of something you love. Blech.


  2. UGH! Usually, I post at least 5 times a week. In the new year, I plan to post 5-7 times a week on both my personal and writing sites. However, I have a writing schedule and plan my posts a week in advance. I am never at a loss as to what I should write. If I need to take a break, I do. I hated much of the drivel that was posted during NaBloPoMo and can’t imagine having to read it 365. I hadn’t heard about it before I read this post, but I hope more people will listen to you, my friend.


  3. I considered for a brief five seconds joining, but then I thought about how there would definitely be days where I wouldn’t have anything “quality” to post, and why waste my time (and yours)?


  4. It IS my usual MO, but it’s highly likely that I’m just regularly filling the blogosphere with crap, too. 😉

    No… wait… scratch that. I am DEFINITELY filling the blogosphere with crap.

    I can totally appreciate the point you’re making. It’s quite valid.

    I’m just having a bit of fun by joining the network – and for me, that’s been hard lately. Most of the time I’m just depressed. So just look the other way as I spew my nonsense!


  5. OMG … just thinking about blogging 365 times next year exhausted me!

    I tried to do the “31 for 21” challenge in October & missed it by 2 posts (cheated & did multiple pic posts a few times). I have absolutely no illusions that I would make it through MLK Day before dropping out!


  6. I can barely scrounge together enough words to post two or three times a week…the idea of doing it everyday for a year is freaking absurd. And if anyone in my reader is doing that, I’d most likely delete that blog. My time’s too precious to waste reading crap.

    Have a happy new year, Sara!


  7. I had a hard enough time keeping up with the participants of NowGoBloMo for a month. I think I would have to remove anyone that participated in Blog365 from my reader!


  8. I’ve been tempted to do exactly that….join the blog 365 thing, because I love coming across new blogs (I don’t do the webring thing anymore, or join general blogrolls), and finding bloggers that actually post on weekends. If someone’s post doesn’t grab me within a few sentences, I mark it as read anyway, whether they’re participating in something or not.

    I will seriously reconsider now that I know it will just irritate people! It’s not like blogging every single day is a goal I could actually achieve anyway.


  9. It’s interesting I wasn’t the only one to think that – but how could I be! It’s not surprising. I was posting in the first NaBloPoMo, but this year I’m glad I didn’t. It’s probably not so bad when just a few people are doing it for a lark, but when a lot of people are doing it, it has potential to cause damage to all bloggers… not just those who are taking part.


  10. Hmmm. I signed up for it, but I figure between my five blogs, I’m sure to be posting something every day somewhere. And I never post anything just for the sake of posting! So please don’t delete me from your Reader or I shall be very sad indeed 🙂


  11. Sweet Jebus God No!

    November brought possibly some of the worst posts ever written. If people do that for an entire year, I may just unsubscribe to them. I can’t take anymore of that crap.


  12. ya, this is just going overboard! i was not pleased with everything i posted in November, but i didn’t post crap just for the sake of posting…i still posted about the usual daily stuff with me and the boys…i just didn’t always have time to write it in a humourous, witty or interesting way because i was staying with my parents for part of the month. besides, i’m the motherr of two toddler boys…i don’t always have time to post!

    this 365 thing is ridiculous, i’m definitely not going to be part of it and i hope the blogs i read aren’t going to be part of it either!


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