13 thoughts on “Oh My Gawd, She’s Like, Havin a Baby, Y’all!! (Jamie Lynn Spears is Expecting.)

  1. And the daddy is 19. Maybe I’m a prude but I wouldn’t lt my 16 year old daught near 19 year old boys! Hypothetically of course, since I don’t have girls.


  2. I knew you would be weighing in on this! I cannot believe it. I mean, seriously!
    You think she woulda learned SOMETHING from Big Sis! Like USE BIRTH CONTROL!!!!

    Ay caramba.

    I think I have to officially demote (promote?) them from Serious Crackers to White Trash.


  3. Makes you want to run right out and buy that parenting book her mom was working on doesn’t it? Maybe your kids will turn out all right if you do the exact opposite of everything Mama Spears says to do.

    Tip #1 – Do NOT let your 16 year old daughter live with her 19 year old boyfriend.


  4. I’m sure they’ll starting pimping that baby to television in no time. I blame the mother for this whole fiasco. The first time I saw Brittany in the school-girl video outfit as a teengaer, I knew it was all over. And sorry, I think she had a boob job as a minor which is gross.



  5. I dont even know what to say!! I did see that the publishers of the mothers parenting book have suspended publication indefinately. I know that accidents happen, but with one daughter who’s cheese has slipped off the cracker, and another one who is pregnant at 16 by a 19y.o. boy that she was living with (i saw that online), when do you start to feel like a failure as a parent??


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