I Guess I Forgot to Mention

How is it I can spend a whole week getting ready to go on vacation, and forget to blog about the fact that I was..well, going on vacation? Talk about leaving out the details!

We go down to Orlando every year for a week, and this is no exception. We have a timeshare here, and stay in a nice little condo about 10 minutes from Sea World and about 15 minutes from the Disney parks. It’s our only vacation; we don’t travel to visit family or do weekend get-aways like many people I know, so we really look forward to it.

We’ve been here since Saturday, and I have to say this has been one of our more interesting trips. The internet *just* got fixed this afternoon, so I’ve been offline since Friday. Offline..with no internet…Can you imagine?? Thank heavens I didn’t have to go the whole week or I’d have looked like a junkie without a fix by the time we pulled into our driveway next weekend. Unfortunately the wireless internet we were promised does not work, or possibly just doesn’t play well with my laptop, so I’m stuck using the terminal they have set up in the room. The last few days It’s only allowed me to stay logged on for about 3 minutes at a time, and would not load most of the page for anything important, like my email or WordPress dashboard. (You know, the things I NEEDED!) Fixed now obviously.

We went to the Magic Kingdom yesterday and as we were getting settled back in the room, we hear something on the news about a woman being arrested for trying to bring a loaded gun into Disney. WTF? Luckily this happened the day before, and no one was hurt, she just supposedly *forgot* she had the gun in her purse, along with a knife and something else that I can’t remember. Do a google search, I swear I’m not making this up. Anyhow, we had a good time, and are quite thankful we didn’t go on Sunday. We hit Sea World for a few hours today, the kids had a good time, but were dragging tail after about 3 1/2 hours so we came back and played in the pool. Now I’m dragging ass and hoping we won’t be doing much of anything else tonight. Tomorrow we plan to hit a few outlets, and will probably go to Downtown Disney at some point. The plan for the rest of the week is to do Aninmal Kingdom, MGM, and back to Sea World. I am so tired I couldn’t begin to tell you what day is which.

We got some good pics, and some not so great pics. (It’s a blog post for another day, but I will say there is no torture like having to buy a bathing suit at a Walmart, in a town you don’t live in, with your husband and kids waiting and tapping their feet impatiently. Not pretty, and I have the pics to prove it.)  the ex has played the photographer this week, but I plan on taking my camera out with me to get a series of pics I shall call “Fashion mistakes that could only happen in a tourist town.”  I’m not crazy about my new swimsuit, but it’s not nearly as bad as the things we’ve seen walking in public the last few days. I’ve seen more muffin-top than a New York bakery at 7am, and I’m not talking about at the pool.

Hope everyone is having a good week, and I look forward to hitting the mark all as read button reading your fabulous blog posts when I get back on Saturday evening. More vacation updates to come.

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15 thoughts on “I Guess I Forgot to Mention

  1. I was wondering what you were up to – glad it was something so fun. And I sympathize with the no internet – I’ll be living that at my in-laws’ at Christmas and I’m seriously afraid of what I’ll be like when I get back.


  2. Been wondering what happened with you! I didn’t do my rounds for a few days which made me late with comeing by your place…anyways can’t wait to see and hear more about the trip that you forgot to tell us you were going on!!! Have fun!!! See ya when you get back!

    becky’s last blog post..The Wow Factor


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