I See in Your Nose, and You Got Burgers!

I have no idea where he picked up this lovely phrase, but every so often my 2 year old will run up to me out of the blue and say “Mommy, I see in your nose, and you got burgers!!” Burgers somehow sounds more pleasant than boogers, so I haven’t bothered to correct him. Not to mention I’m incredibly immature well-humored and it makes me giggle like mad when he says it. Giggling causes him to repeat it a few times, sending me into further fits of laughter, and he starts laughing too. Good times I tell ya.

Last night one of the older two decided they needed to correct him on it, and before you know it, Damian is running around telling us all we have boogers. I wasn’t nearly as amused by this, but he was incredibly excited about his new-found phrase. So excited he turns to our back door, opens it, stands in the doorway, and yells as loud as his little lungs will allow “I see in your nose, and you got BOOGERS!!!!”. Before I could stop him, he did it again, no less quietly. If the whole neighborhood didn’t know about Damian and his boogers, they do now.

We be klassy like that.

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11 thoughts on “I See in Your Nose, and You Got Burgers!

  1. All my boys have/do mispronounce Burger/Boogers. So much, in fact, that hamburger night is now ham-booger night.

    Klassy, that’s how we roll, too.

    Also, I opened up your page to read, then had to go outside with kids, then finished. So, when you see someone on for AN HOUR, yep, that’s me! 😉 D’oh!


  2. So, you don’t have burgers in your nose any more? Too bad. That might come in handy for lunch on the run. Oh, sorry. That was totally uncalled for. I be klassy like that, too.


  3. there’s nothing like a toddler mispronouncing a word! Zander tells me his milk tastes “nice and frech”…frech meaning fresh. it is the cutest thing i ever did hear, and i can’t get myself to correct him!


  4. Awwww, that’s so cute!! You would have to have a heart of stone not to be amused by that. My son’s favourite words are words he shouldn’t say but I still can’t help laughing at him. He remembers and starts showing off with it another day but it never gets old. If he farts, he blames it on his Daddy. “Ewwww, stinky Daddy!” I crack up every time, I’m still hoping he’ll embarrass his dad with it out in public sometime 🙂


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