Tim Gunn Would Be So Disappointed in Me.

We are going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner soon. I have debated all day on what to wear. What would Tim Gunn say? I know what he would say- the sweatsuit alternative, that comfortable yet stylish outfit every woman should have in her closet to be worn on a day you might normally throw on sweats.

Ahh Tim, my love, I’m afraid you’ll be so ashamed of me today. My in-laws like to cook, and they do it well. And there will be food. Tons and tons of food. Waistbands will strain to the point of the snaps begging for mercy. Bellies will swell, and at the end of it all, we’ll collapse onto the couch like a bunch of bloated turkeys ourselves.

Forgive me Tim, just for today, only sweats will do.  😉

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13 thoughts on “Tim Gunn Would Be So Disappointed in Me.

  1. I so often have a little Tim Gunn on my shoulder. He furrows his brow, crosses his arms, and then rubs his chin and says, “Oh, Fussy, That concerns me. You can not make it work!”

    Tim had to throw in the towel today, too. I wore my black maternity clothes. Waistbands, we don’t need no stinkin’ waistbands!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Commenting on my writing? Honey, you are long-winded and boring. I would read your blog only on my deathbed.

    I still think you should still take pictures of you taking a crap. Much more entertaining than the garbage you are spewing. Don’t forget the money shot!

    Love & Kisses
    Delia Dahling


  3. I always start out wearing something nice, but after about an hour I’ve gone and changed into sweats. I think next year I’ll just forget about the “nice outfit” and I might just even don my pjs! loL!


  4. i won’t wear sweats but i do wear pants…during feasting, that are a little bit too big…room for growth! then, i come home, peel off my pants (that aren’t so big on me,anymore) and change into pajama bottoms (with elastic waist!). so, i’m still fashionably correct and comfy…all at the same time.


  5. I admit I felt bad, because I do like to dress nicely, but OMG guys..the turkey, the stuffing, the potatoes, the desserts…There was no way my pants would have held up!


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